Friday, February 28, 2014

ACTION: Florida Legislature Watering Down Medical Marijuana Initiative

The following is a repost from lunachickie

While Floridians have gotten medical marijuana on the November ballot, the current legislature appears to be trying to do an end run around it's usefulness. Bills have been introduced in both the Florida Senate and the House, which essentially limit "medical grade marijuana" to a substance that contains no more than 0.5 percent or less of any THC and at least 15 percent cannabidiol.

A substance: A. The letter A is really important here. In the world of marijuana, there's a grade called Charlotte's Web. Charlotte's Web is to typical marijuana--whether it's the truly medicinal type you get from a clinic or a doctor or the kind that comes from Joe Blow from Kokomo and his basement grow-room--as 3.2 beer is to Coors Light. That's about the only grade of "marijuana" you can get to smoke which meets this criteria:

0.5 percent or less of any THC and at least 15 percent cannabidiol (CBD).

Obviously, you can get this dose in a pill form. But it's practically worthless overall, if that dose in that form isn't going to help medicate what ails you. Let me let a professional explain it better:

Patients across the state are thrilled Legislators are beginning to realize the awesomeness of medical use of cannabis. What they fail to realize is just as the children with seizures get miraculous benefits from a high CBD/low THC strain of cannabis, that is one strain and one ailment. The rest of the patients gain just as miraculous benefits for their ailments with other strains. The rest of the patients need the rest of the medicine.

The current legislature has taken this restriction up in the form of two bills, FL SB 1030, and FL HB 843. You and me and anyone else who wants to see medical marijuana statutes be worth the paper they're printed on in the state of Florida need to get on the phone ASAP and call your Florida Senator and Representative--and email them while you're at it--and tell them to defeat this nonsense and support SB 962 – Medical Use of Cannabis. That is the responsible piece of legislation and is meant to legalize all the medicine for all the patients, as the writer says.

We NEED your voice, it is critical that this sneaky subterfuge not be allowed to stand.

Contact your FL Rep here.

Contact your FL Senator here.

Let me note now, so no one gets confused--the quoted paragraph from the "professional", and the link, came from a news site over in the next county from me. The gist of the actual story is about our pols "ethical dilemma" (and how they're seeking spiritual guidance) on legalizing A Drug. The paragraph above is part of a comment in response to that article. And the comment itself is amazingly full of excellent medical information, along with the information which alerted me to this situation. The author posted at 11:01 pm on 2/25, I urge you to read her post! (I can't link it separately).

What irritates me so completely is that this "news story" makes no mention of this anywhere. And I haven't seen this anywhere else, but I looked up the legislation and there it was--it appears exactly as the comment describes it.

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