Friday, February 21, 2014

"No one cares about crazy people"- Scott Walker's Staff Mocks Dead Mentally Ill Woman

Its like the 2010 teabag governors compete on who is the biggest bastard.

I primarily write about the pain and embarrassment that Rick Scott is to Florida, but I have to give mad props to Scott Walker in Wisconsin for nipping at his heels.

By now you've heard of the Walker email scandal. His closest aides have been discovered with disturbing emails ranging from highly offensive to highly racist. This newly discovered one is just depraved.

Scott Walker was a Milwaukee County Executive during the scandals of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. This facility was a mess and had serious issues with sexual assaults (one of the patients even got pregnant).

Scott Walker didn't give a rat's ass except for saving his own. He laid out in an email his priority:

“We need to continue to keep me out of the story as this is a process issue and not a policy matter.”

Rapes are a "process issue" not a "policy issue". Got it.

Zero concern for the patients or problems at the facility. The only concern was that he not be implicated. Walker's Deputy Chief of Staff referred to the facility as "our looney bin" and coordinated with Walker's campaign, illegally mind you, to deflect criticism of Walker's handling of the mismangement.

Things got very ugly when a young woman named Cindy Ancza, who was once a healthy pharmicist technician, was unfortuntely placed in that facility when she became mentally ill. She died of starvation there, losing 22 lbs in a few weeks.

Ancza's distraught parents filed a legal complaint against the facility. Walker's Deputy Chief of Staff forwarded it to Walker and told him it wasn't public. Walker emailed back "Then we should not make it public".

The following is a transcript between Walker's Deputy Chief of Staff, Kelly Rindfleisch corresponding (again, illegally) with a County official and with Walker's campaign manager Keith Gilkes through personal email:

Gilkes: "Ok - any time after Nov. 2nd would be the time to offer a settlement"

Rindfleisch: "[Democratic opponent] Barrett is going to make this the center of his campaign"

Joan Hansen, County official: "yep and he is still going to lose because that is his base"

Rindfleisch: "Yep. No one cares about crazy people."

These are the people running your government.

Fight the voter suppression and get out the vote. Send the teabaggers back to the slime-filled rock they crawled under.

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