Saturday, March 20, 2010

Next Battle for Health Care...Supreme Court

If you are like me, you LOVE the fact that the GOP fear and smear machine that has done so much damage to Democratic initiatives in the past has FINALLY met its match in Obama. He will go right to the den of the Beast, whether it be FAUXNEWS or the GOP Retreat in Baltimore, and call them out in front of everyone.

The GOP, who put all of their cards on breaking Obama at all cost, are about to be served a heaping helping of Shutty Pie. After Reconciliation in the Senate, this Health Care Reform bill will FINALLY become law.

And it will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Just imagine that. After saying corporations can spend whatever they want in elections, the activist right-wing bloc is going to say health care reform is unconstitutional.

BUT WAIT! You say..

THEY CAN'T! Because if they overturn the individual mandate THEN they would have to overturn mandatory government collection for Social Security and Medicaid, and perhaps no longer allow mandatory auto insurance.

Except they don't. The conservative block on the SCOTUS gets what it wants and then tries to justify it in legalease. This same block (with the switching of Renquist and Conner for the worse Alito and Roberts) ruled in Bush v. Gore such a God-awful, terrible decision that went against precedent that they added it ONLY applied to this particular ruling.

BUT that would destroy the credibility of the institution they hold so dear! And Roberts and Alito decried judicial activism!

Unfortunately, they overturned 100 YEARS of precedent for the sole purpose of helping GOP candidates by allowing unlimited funding by Big Oil, Wall Street banks, the health insurance companies and any other multi-billion corporation.

But what is REALLY disturbing is how they did it. The case this was based on was a simple question of whether a right-wing group could run advertisements for an anti-Hillary documentary.

Justice Roberts decided to have an ultra-rare re-arguement and ordered lawyers from both sides to expand their scope to address not just the corporate electioneering issue at play in Citizens United but the constitutionality of all limits to corporate political speech. Clearly, he had an agenda and abused his power to get it.

Not to mention, the conservative bloc has a particular hatred of Obama that intensified after the SOU speech. Alito refused to meet with him, Roberts whined about him, and Thomas's wife has devoted herself to defeating him (with a heaping helping of corporate money for her new group thanks to hubby). These guys WOULD LOVE any excuse to "break" him.

The bottom line is that they have shown they have little regard for both precedent and their institution. If the only thing we have to count on is their honor to do the right thing... then millions of Americans are screwed.

I predict that the SCOTUS will attempt to overturn the entire bill or at least part of the bill...and progressives need to prepare for the next battle.

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