Wednesday, December 02, 2015

End of the Road: The Seminole Democrat Closes Shop

The Seminole Democrat has been in existence since June 2006. It started as the official blog for the Seminole County Democratic Party, but broke off to be independent a year later.

We have had several very talented writers throughout the years. (Special shoutout to IndieThinker). We've made a lot of people really mad, which is a good thing. We brought attention to issues no one seemed to know about. We had good sponsors. The "My Stupid State" series was wildly popular: the final post for that series was today.

Why leave this blog now? Several reasons: One is, quite frankly, because of This site has become riddled with problems and script errors that just take too long to fix. The second reason is that we have been writing less and less about local issues to justify running an entire blog separate from our posts on DailyKos. Third, the owner of the blog is planning on moving from Florida. (Yup, he's had enough.)

The good news:
1. Ismay will still post on Daily Kos, as will the SemDem.

2. The Facebook and Twitter accounts will still be active.

Special thanks to Florida Politics and Beach Peanuts. Both are good progressive Florida blogs to always get your fix. Special thanks to Progess Florida for continuously featuring us in their Best of Blogs section. Special thanks to Meteor Blades for featuring the work of this blog for the state of Florida.

The blog will remain up for posterity, but there will be no more new posts. Thank you all for reading. Keep fighting for Florida. This is your always has been. We were just a voice.

Until then...


  1. SemDem is still writing! He can be found at

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