Sunday, March 14, 2010

Seminole County Deserves a Better Sheriff

If you want protection from a stalker, there is little the sheriff will do for you.

Tiffany Barwick wanted sheriff's deputies to protect her from her estranged boyfriend. They told her they needed to see the guy make a threat to her in order to arrest him. That night, Tiffany Barwick was shot dead.

If Tiffany wanted attention, she should have married the sheriff.

Elise Ensingler doesn't want her ex-husband, Mark Todd, to see their children. After one call to the Sheriff's Office Nov. 19 of last year, patrols were sent through her neighborhood 10 times.

As recently as last January, Mark Todd was turned away by Deputy Dwayne Mussard for "tresspassing" in a gated community. Never mind the fact that Todd has a judge's valid court order to pick up his son and daughter for the weekend, as was explictly agreed upon by both parties after the divorce.

Elise doesn't want him seeing their children. And since she is married to the Don Ensingler, you can bet that is exactly what is going to happen.

Too bad Tiffany Barwick wasn't being stalked by an ex-husband of Elise...I have no doubt that she would be alive today.

Elise Ensingler claims that she has her husband's deputies stop Todd from seeing the children because she is trying to "protect" the children from Todd. Interesting. The Winter Park dentist has no record of violent behavior, neither Elise nor her lawyer could give any specifics, and the judge has never been petitioned for a domestic-violence injunction.

Sheriff Don Esingler says he isn't involved. So if that is truly the case, WHAT is the valid reason why a law enforcement officer would violate a court order to prevent Mark Todd from seeing his children?

No one has asked that question.

The sheriff's office is arguing that this case isn't being treated any differently than any other case. Also interesting, since Elise called the deputies DIRECTLY on their cell phones instead of using the 911 system (where calls are required to be recorded).

As a Seminole resident, I must have missed the list of deputy's cell phone numbers that were sent out.

We deserve a sheriff that will protect all citizens, not just those who agree to marry him.

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