Sunday, October 04, 2015

What's Wrong With America Shown in One Tweet

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She owns an Oregon gun shop very close to UCC. This is right after the tragedy...

She was downright giddy at the prospect at the surge in business that no doubt came her way. I promise she wasn't the only one.

Because the first thought of too many people in this country after a massacre isn't "Oh My God, That is Horrible!"

javascript:void(0); It's "Oh My God, I Better Get More Guns!"

Then they will hand over a fortune to a lady like this and buy even more guns because THIS time, they will be told, Congress will be motivated to take their guns.

Never mind that after every mass shooting there are successful efforts by the gun lobby to LOOOSEN gun restrictions.

Never mind that the only two gun laws that our president, (the man they swear is after their guns), has ever signed actually gave MORE gun access.

And never mind that there has been record gun sales in our country every year since Obama has taken office. (See the despicable display at the front of this lady's gun shop).

None of these facts matter. The members of the NRA range from easily-frightened to downright paranoid; so when Wayne LaPierre tells them that THIS time Congress will order government agents to confiscate guns, (so buy more and give us money), they will believe him. The fact that this very same Congress is so whipped by the gun lobby that they can't even muster a simple majority to require a basic background check or even allow data to be gathered on gun deaths is lost on these knuckle-dragging idiots.

The net result of all this is that ever crazier people will be allowed to get ever deadlier weapons. Right now, you can even buy a goddamned flame thrower for your arsenal if you'd like. NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR STUPID GUNS.

But it is their paranoia and stupidity that the gun lobby, and in fact, the whole gun industry, counts on. The gun manufacturers all the way down to the retail gun owners make a fortune peddling fear and death. We have gotten so sick that mass shootings have become a real "black Friday" for this industry. The ones who make their living off of these tragedies have already sold their souls, so it is no wonder they get so giddy about these things. Well, good news for them: there will be plenty more with no end in sight.

Hand it to the gun lobby. They won America. Nothing will change after this tragedy. Do you know how I know? Because Sandy Hook. That was when we as a nation decided that a kindergarten classroom filled with slaughtered children was tolerable and we all collectively decided to do jack squat about it.

(I may remind you that more than a few gun nuts won't even acknowledge that Sandy Hook happened at all, including the bonehead Sheriff now overseeing this current tragedy. Wonder if he is going to tell the grieving parents this time that they are just "actors"?)

It isn't just laws that need to change in America, it's our gun culture. Banking on that to change anytime soon is a fool's errand, which is why this gun shop owner in this photo has a big grin. #stuffhappens

Note: I posted this under my pseudonym on DailyKos, which is SemDem. This wasn't plagiarized, but thanks for being fans.


  1. LOL!! When their assault rifles & flame throwers are banned, they will be out thousands of $$!! Fokkin Idgets.

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  3. This is straight from Daily Kos, word for word. I don't see anything that links or gives the original diarist credit. Wtf?

    1. I saw this on their Twitter not 10 mins ago and I'm thinking "Seriously?!" I follow DK every day and remember this diary extremely well. Fucking plagiarist! Give credit where hard won credit is due arsehole!

    2. UHhhhh... read the diary on DailyKos. It's SemDem. That's me. Glad you liked it.