Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bumper Sticker Slogan SMACKDOWNS of Healthcare Reform Opponents!

April 13, 2010: WE DID IT!!! Healthcare Reform (well, insurance reform) was passed this year.

The following can be made into bumper stickers, T-shirts, signs for rallies or for your car or whatever. I want healthcare reform, not copyright credit.

Use any of the slogans here and feel free to make them into items at places like or cafepress or

Here are the top 10:

1. My Other Car is a Health Insurance Payment
2. My Car Has Better Insurance Than I Do
3. My Death Panel is an HMO
4. Underinsured Baby on Board
5. Hate Socialism? Repeal Medicare!!
6. Sanctity of Life should not end at Birth! Support Healthcare Reform!
7. WWJD: Who Would Jesus Deny? (Healthcare Reform Now!)
8. My single prayer is single payer
9. The Public GOPtion: Don't Get Sick
10. GOP: Rest Uninsured America

Here are the rest. By the way, feel free to contribute your own in the Comments section!!

11. Your Health Care Comes Off your Insurance Company’s Bottom Line
12. It’s OK..Congress Has GREAT Insurance
13. I’d Rather Have a Public Option Than Be Dead Right
14. GOP: We won't let your health come between your insurer & his profits!
15. Democrat: A Republican with a Pre-existing Condition

16. Before Jesus healed the leper...did He check his insurance coverage?
17. Public Option: Putting People Before Profit
18. Democrat: A Republican Who Lost His Health Insurance
19. What's Wrong With Expanding Medicare for Those UNDER 65?
ONLY Industrialized Nation without Universal Healthcare? USA
Spends More Than ANY other Nation on Healthcare? USA
21. We Can't Fix the Economy Until We Fix Health Care!
22. Healthcare Reform...Your Life Depends On It!
23. Jesus didn’t ask for a co-pay
24. All I Wanted Was Real Health Care Reform, and All I Got Was This Lousy Bumper Sticker
25. GOP: Cancer Happens!
26. Coming to a Hospital Near You: Attack of the Wingnuts Socialized Health Scare
27. Put health back in healthcare
28. Life is a pre-existing condition
29. What value does the insurance company add?
30. Doctors prescribe healthcare, insurance companies proscribe healthcare.

31. USA: Third World Country. No Universal Healthcare.
32. Health Insurance Profits Up 400%
33. Kill Healthcare! 30,000 Lobbyists Can’t Be Wrong!
34. Universal Health Care Is a Family Value
35. GOP: Defending Your Right to Higher Dedutibles
36. America’s Healthcare Is Like Shopping for an Ambulance
37. Government run military = #1 Private Health Care = #37
38. Support the Health Care Bill - Or We'll Focus on Passing Strict Gun Control"
39. "Pass Healthcare - Or the Terrorists Win"
40. Public option not public optional.
POTUS+60 Senators+80seat House majority
No public option in health care means there is NO PUBLIC OPTION IN DEMOCRACY!
42. 1.4 Million Bucks A Day - Keeps Healthcare Away
43. "Letting Americans Die For Profit?"
44. "For Profit Healthcare Makes Me Sick"
45. Health Insurance Premiums: its where 7 of your last 10 raises went

46. Take My High Premiums From My Cold, Dead Hands
47. Have You Teabagged For Your Insurance Agent Today
48. You Die, They Profit, and GOP gets Paid. Reform Healthcare Now!
49. One Nation, Underinsured.
50. Republican Healthcare Reform: Be Rich or Die
51. My Boss Bussed Me to the Town Hall, and I Didn't Even Get on You Tube
52. Health care should be a right...not a privilege
53. Single Payer Is Pro-Life
54. Guns Don't Kill People. Spreadsheets Do. Support Healthcare Reform.
55. Take My High Premiums from my Cold Dead Hands.
56. Healthcare is for people, not for profit!
57. When you get healthcare, there is an insurance executive who gets a smaller bonus.
58. There's always the Emergency Room... and Bankruptcy
59. Healthcare from Womb to Tomb!
60. Private health insurance isn't the solution, it's the problem

61. Teacher says every time a claim is denied an adjuster gets his wings
62. Back Off! I have swine flu and can't get meds!
63. Insurance is the problem, not the solution.
64. Insurance + Illness = Bankruptcy: What's wrong with this picture? FIX HEALTHCARE NOW!!
65. There is something that can make you better, but I can't afford it


  1. I've used "My Single Prayer IS Single Payer" on a poster and was flipped off multiple times by Tea Baggers.

    Thank you very much for this site. Great Slogans.

    I'll be marching as part of group representing those who support a Public Option. One side of my sign will be one of your great slogans, the other in memeory of Sen Ted Kennedy.

  2. If you got flipped off, you made an impact! Well done!!

    Thanks for fighting!!


  4. At this point, I'd rather have a job than healthcare. Congratulations, we have bankrupted our Country.

  5. Friend, look at this chart:

    Reagan and Bush bankrupted the country with skyrocketing deficit spending...and we got nothing from it.

    Obama is actually spending money on OUR country, and now conservatives are screaming fiscal responsibility???

    PS--if your employer didn't have to pay for healthcare, there would be a lot more jobs

  6. Great slogans!

    Now we just need some of these on bumper stickers!

  7. I love them all!!! I really feel we need more anti-fox news bumper stickers...I've come up with a few
    FOX NEWS - fanning the flames of hatred!!
    Glen Beck is a crazy, paranoid bigot and ANTI AMERICAN

    FOX NEWS - where the truth is not relevant and the facts are meaningless!!
    I wish that all liberals/progressives would take back our flag and fly it on their cars and homes along with these bumper stickers!! Its time to potray the right as ANTI-AMERICAN!!
    LIBERALS ARE PATRIOTS TOO!!! - Dianna Murray - morganton, nc

  8. Comment was deleted because it contained a bunch of lies...which I do not tolerate.

    YOU WILL NOT GO TO JAIL if you don't have health insurance!

    My God, how desperate is the opposition...

    And to the GOPers who say that they don't believe in government interference or higher deficit spending...let me school you.

    The Medicare Part D Plan, which gave subsidies to drug companies for seniors, is the largest government interference in decades...orchestrated entirely by REPUBLICANS!!

    It cost $1.2 TRILLION, not the $848 billion cost of the Senate bill.. and unlike the Senate bill working it's way through, the Bush bill was funded ENTIRELY THROUGH DEFICIT SPENDING!!

    The House and Senate HCR bill are both deficit-neutral. The nonpartisan CBO actually says they both SAVE money. Unlike the Bush bill, where not only was it thrown on the deficit... Bush officials threatened to fire Medicare's chief actuary if he shared honest cost estimates with Congress!

    The hypocrisy is sickening. The GOP does not want a bill that will save lives because they don't want anything perceived as a Democratic victory. They will put their own sad politics over their constituents.

    What is their answer to health care RISING 10% every single year? Screw ' long as Obama loses...

  9. Love them all, Cool content is this ,,Thanks

    bumper stickers

  10. The Medicare Best Quality Printing Company Part D Plan, which gave subsidies to drug companies for seniors, is the largest government advertising packaging interference in decades...orchestrated entirely by Bakery Cake Boxes printing REPUBLICANS!!

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  12. All good! Too bad they're all true.

  13. Why should congress have the vote on health care.
    Let the people decide!

  14. Why should congress have the vote on health care.
    Let the people decide!

  15. Great! It sounds good. Thanks for sharing..

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