Wednesday, March 03, 2010

UCF Pro-Life Group Used College Funds to Show Aborted Fetus on Trucks

An allocation of $1,000 from the [UCF]Student Government Association helped to bring the controversial Genocide Awareness Project to campus last week.

The SGA implies they were tricked. IF that is the case, they should never give one red cent to these attention whores.

I was reading the Students for Life supporters attempt to justify the "Genocide Awareness Project" display of an aborted fetus (along with, of course, a caricature of Obama).

Let me attempt to explain to these idiots why this is will not terms they can understand.

You guys are already anti-abortion, but you did not succeed in changing any minds. For example, I can safely assume that many of you ironically support capital punishment. Would any of you respond positively to a large graphic display of a fried inmate after a session in the electric chair?

For that matter, what about a display of what happens to a woman after a back alley abortion?

Or would you be rightfully appalled at such a graphic display for everyone, including children, without a dialogue of the underlying concerns?

For example, how exactly would making abortion illegal stop abortion? Wouldn’t the rich go elsewhere and the poor do something horribly drastic? (Hey, I've got an idea! Let's put THAT on a truck!)

And how do you propose to punish a woman in such a desperate situation if you make it illegal?

Finally, I cannot help but wonder if that $6500 you spent, including the $1000 you took from UCF students, wouldn’t have been better spent offering help to a woman in an abusive relationship or in such abject poverty that she feels she has no other option but abortion.

But I suppose a gory display and a political attack was more satisfying to you than the Christian option that would have actually made a difference.

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