Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking for complaints, Rick Scott instead finds praise for Obamacare

Gov. Rick Scott visited a senior center Tuesday to warn about cuts he said Obamacare is forcing in a popular version of the Medicare health program and to collect their horror stories.

What he found was a satisfied group with few complaints.

The 20 seniors assembled for a roundtable with Scott at the Volen Center were largely content with their Medicare coverage and didn’t have negative stories to recount.

And some praised Obamacare – a program that Scott frequently criticizes.

“I’m completely satisfied,” Harvey Eisen, 92, a West Boca resident, told Scott.


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  1. Any large program, whether by the government or anyone else, is bound to have some bumps. Obamacare will be no different, and there will probably be adjustments to how it works as it gets tested in the field. Regardless of that, the basic premise of the program is bound to be one that people will want. Scott, as usual, is too clueless to be capable of the sort of complex thought that requires him to see that dislike of aspects of the program is NOT the same thing as hating all of it.

    Meanwhile, you can't get it through the thick heads of most of his followers (except, ironically, the most extreme Tea Party hacks) that by supporting the Medicaid expansion, he's done the absolute most he can do as a state governor to support Obamacare.

    Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, it's going to be fun to watch Scott being directly confronted with his true record.