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Only in Florida. Hypocritical, Hateful Tea Party Candidate Has a "Unique" Lifestyle...

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#CVII of My Stupid State

My state is weird.

A 35-year old rightwing conservative, Jacob A. Rush, is running for Congress in FL-3. He is your typical tea party guy... family values, hates gays, a "practicing" Christian, preaches his love of the Constitution, and says he's a "straight shooter".

In announcing his candidacy, he wrote:

"Voters in North Central Florida are tired of being disappointed and embarrassed by their congressman.”


So's a forcible sodomy/cocaine fantasy he wrote as a Vampire and Founding Member of the Kindred of Gainesville:

At first I thought you were just stupid and I wanted to stick my dick in your mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete that was blessed by Rui (sic) but then I remembered that you were typing so my dick would really have to be in your hands to keep you from typing but since you are walking in Omaha that’s not really realistic right now.

I’m sorry, I tried.

Rae tells me that you are a Maiden, and it’s your job to be kind of stupid and that I’m not supposed to have intercourse with Maidens.

You shouldn’t believe everything that people tell you or you’re going to end up naked and sore, tied to the floor of a van marked “Free Candy.”

And stop letting people torpor (sic) you.

I guess I should back up.

Jacob Rush, until late last year, was a member of Mind's Eye and a founding member of the Kindred of Gainesville, which:

takes on the personas of vampires and other supernatural beings (known as Kindred), dealing with night-to-night struggles “against their own bestial natures, hunters, and each other"

Members seem to take this group with varying degrees of seriousness. Some seem to be really into the occult, others seem to be just role-playing (which is what Jacob said its really all about since it was just discovered).

If that is the case, he was sure in a frenzy to delete photos from his account on the groups wiki page. He apparently didn't get to all of them in time. The St. Petersblog posted them, which included:

  • Burning books
  • Aiming shotguns at dogs
  • Dressed as a vampire
  • Dressed as a demon
  • Satanic symbolism
  • Being chained and gagged
  • Bloody angel wings

One photo uploaded in 2009 and taken down recently was titled "Put on my Rape Face".

Here's the thing. Except for that last one, which is downright wrong, I'm not going to knock him for his nocturnal activities. Its America. People are free to engage in any stupid, bizarre crap they want. You think satanic symbolism is "cool"? Fine. Your lifestyle. Your freedom. I'm not your mom. (Although I'm sure I share her disappointment in your choices.)

And in this state, we elect criminals to high office-- people who literally steal from sick people and proactively pursue policies and laws that kill their citizenry. So dressing up like a devil-worshipper is insignificant to me considering our elected leaders actually worship the devil. Once you get elected, (and who are we kidding, this is Florida), I 'd like the opportunity to throw the picture of you in your black robes/black contacts in the face of one of my condescending "Christian" critics who is dumb enough to think he is doing God's work. (Voting for kids to starve and die from lack of healthcare? Why not just elect a satan worshipper? Oh right....ya did..)

In other words, go nuts Jacob.

But if you are running for Congress on a platform for denying civil rights to fellow Americans because of their supposed "immoral" lifestyle... you better be damn well-prepared to be called on your BS.

You got that, Jacob? (Sorry, the Forsaken "Archbishop Kettering"?)

UPDATE: Some are accusing me of hating on LARPing (live action role play). Most LARPing doesn't use occult themes, but whatever. Even if that's all this is, that's not my issue with the guy. As I replied, he decided to run a hypocritical campaign that says he should be in a position to make moral judgments on people's lives (i.e., deny women's access to birth control, deny people's access to health care, marriage equality, etc.) because he claims the religious and moral high ground. If you do that knowing you wrote about cocaine and rape fantasies, posted "putting on my rape face", and dressed up like an occult member, you're damn right I'm going to throw that back in your face.

Dark Lord Jacob is running to the right of birther Ted Yoho, who claimed that defaulting on our debt brings stability to world markets. Yoho is the current incumbent. The district is gerrymandered R+12, but he is a complete idiot on the Gohmert scale. The Florida Dems need to put up a candidate for every damn seat and make a real effort to not give the GOP any easy victory. Marihelen Wheeler ran a scrappy campaign last time and I hope she tries again. Our biggest enemy here, as always, is apathy.

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