Saturday, April 05, 2014

A Week on Rick Scott's Facebook Page

As part of my continuing effort to improve my non-partisan list of reasons to dis-elect Rick Scott, I spent some time this past week engaging the crowd on his Facebook page. It's about what you'd expect. 85% of the comments there are mindless slogans devoid of content; 14% are mindless slogans intermingled with one or more of the standard 10 or so Scott falsehoods about job creation, state spending, and auto tax fees; the remaining 1% comes from supporters of opponents of Scott, some of whom (like me) are trying to bring some truth to the fore.

I asked Scott supporters to defend themselves a few times. Mostly I was ignored. Once or twice I got an answer of some sort, but it didn't amount to much. The most "content" I got was from one named MaryBeth, who described Scott as a "really good guy". Our exchange tells the story.

Indie:  A really good guy who cuts funds for rape crisis centers and disabled children -- from a balanced budget? A really good guy who wanted to disband the Florida Highway Patrol and put the costs on the counties? A really good guy who has had over a dozen staffers resign in disgrace? Beg pardon...maybe you should be around his RECORD more?

MB:  Obviously a lefty liberal.... the guy was looking to cut the budget where he saw wasteful spending... highway patrols actually could be overseen by the counties actually... as could many other departmental spending agencies like education, Trust me... obviously you are one that believes the idiocracies of the waste, taxing, and spending of the 
Democrats... so go take your little liberal self and vote for Crist as you would... SMH...

Indie:  Nope, not a liberal but an independent. And he didn't cut anything "wasteful" unless you think disabled children and rape victims are waste. Do you? As for counties overseeing FHP duties, sorry, no -- that would have compromised their quality of service while passing the costs on through local property taxes, so you would not have saved a dime, and might have even paid more. Don't get so admiring of your man that you don't think through his decisions carefully. And I notice you skipped what I said about 1 million jobs by 2017 and disgraced staffers. Reality can be harsh, can't it?  While you shake your head, you can also explain why this "really nice guy" lied about things like Deutsche Bank not getting incentives to come to FL. Or about Bill McCollum's pro-life credentials. Or about the cause of the recession in FL. This inquiring, independent...would like to know, please.

Then there were a couple of questions I really wanted answered, but no one bit:

1) "Scott supporters, I have a question. Scott blames Crist because he "oversaw" the recession in Florida. So why shouldn't Scott be in jail because he "oversaw" the largest Medicare fraud in history up to that time?"

2) And, re the auto fee decrease: "Again, funny how this only came up in an ELECTION YEAR. Doesn't anyone bother to ask why we didn't have one of these in 2013, 2012, and 2011? Especially since it is 'OUR MONEY'? "

This second one is a good one to keep in mind, since word is Scott will be using this one as a main campaign talking point. His point requires us to understand that Crist raised those fees, even though he didn't have to. So if Crist didn't have to raise them for revenue, then there's also no reason Scott had to keep those fees up for the next three years. He just shot himself in the foot with a howitzer by using that one as a talking point.

So did I accomplish anything? Well, I found out (confirmed!) that there's not going to be any effort or ability of Scott supporters to defend his record. I also may have swayed a few lurkers, which is about the best that can be expected. I also found out that Scott supporters are so irritated by Common Core that they're planning to vote against Scott because of it. 

So, I may stick around there, since it won't be too hard on me. Scott keeps repeating the same lies over and over again, and there's never an answer from him when he's called down for it, although he (or his rep) DO answer when someone asks, "How can I volunteer for your campaign?" It's not just the news media he dodges questions from. 

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