Sunday, July 24, 2011

OOPS! Redstate Backpedals After Blaming Muslims for Oslo Attack

Erick Erickson is an ass. (Which was the exact title of a post I wrote two years ago.) Right now he's bragging that GOP Senators, Congresspeople, and staff are calling him asking his advice on what to do with the debt ceiling. (Assuming that's true, I've got some about working for your damn constituents and not letting right-wing nutballs set your policy agenda.)

But dumbass had to do some serious backpedaling with an idiotic explanation of why he IMMEDIATELY jumped to the conclusion that it was obviously a Muslim conducting the terror attack while the terror was was ongoing without any evidence whatsoever. But, as Erick, son of Erick, had to admit:

Turns out, the now captured shooter, who I think we can probably say is connected to the bombing, lists himself as a conservative Christian on a Facebook page.

OOPS! Turns out this "Islamic" terrorist would have been a disciple of Cheryl Sullenger if he was in the states.

But instead of admitting to talking out of his ass, he goes on the defensive:

First, those of us on the right who point out the now fairly common ties between terrorists and Islam do so largely because the secular left has become willfully naive....
With Christians, it is rather rare to see a self-described Christian engage in heinous terrorist acts.

He does this, mind you, AFTER talking about Eric Rudolph and Timothy McVeigh. But those, he says aren't real Christians. But the shooter at Ft Hood, THAT was a real Muslim, I guess.

Right-wing religious terrorists exist... the Klan considers itself a very Christian organization, whereas we all see it as a right-wing terrorist organization. They join all of those hateful white supremacist groups and militias whose members suddenly have found acceptance within the Tea Party ranks.

The abortion terrorists, our own American Taliban, are not just "self-described" Christians, but downright militant fanatics who don't think anything of gunning down abortion providers, blowing up clinics with IEDs, or just harassing and threatening anyone associated with the clinics.

Then Erick Erick goes Batshit Beckian crazy:

Secular leftists and Islamists are both of this world. Christians may be traveling through, but we are most definitely not of the world. In fact, Christ commands us to throw off our ties to this world. But the things of this world love this world and hate the things of God. That’s why secular leftism can embrace both activist homosexuals and activist muslims when the latter would, when true to their faith, be happy to kill the former.

Getting a glimpse of the warped brain of a right-wing zealot...they admit to hating this world which is why they are so intent on doing things to destroy it. (No wonder we have a hard time "negotiating" with that mindset.)

So in a nutshell... Christians are excused when they kill because they aren't really Christians, Muslims who kill are real Muslims, and somehow "activist" gays are to blame for this tragedy as well.

The left has intellectuals like Maddow, but we just don't have anyone on our side that is filled with this sort of vile. Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the rest of their ilk have so much hate for others and find fault with everyone who is different than they are. They need to be treated, but in today's GOP, they are called the movement's "leaders". These are the people they call up for guidance.

People like Erick Erickson.


  1. Thank you FL Chamber of Commerce for stepping up! Every time Scott Walker does something stupid, I usually count on Rick Scott to up the ante. But you stepped in this time. Way to represent! This is MY STUPID STATE Beee-yotch!!! In your face WI!

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