Friday, April 11, 2014

New Front in War on Voting: Bathrooms Are Shut Down at Polling Places at Democratic Miami-Dade

An avalanche of voter suppression laws were not enough to stop Democrats from voting in 2012 in Miami- Dade. However, they did have to stand in line for 6-8 hours. A study showed this was enough to keep at least kept 200,000 voters from voting.

Yet Rick Scott is several points behind in the poll. What can he do to keep even more people from voting?

Not let them use the bathroom, of course.

In a written response to a disability lawyer's inquiry, the Miami-Dade elections office said the county will close all restrooms at polling places “to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not treated unfairly,”

This is ONLY being implemented in Democratic Miami-Dade. The adjacent GOP counties have no such stupid policy of not letting people go to the bathroom. By the way, disguising this as a way to be "fair" to the disabled is not only horrible, but illegal. You have to make "reasonable accommodations"---not stop everyone from peeing.

So now not only will you have to stand on your feet for hours and hours and hours... you will also need to wear a diaper.

January 2015 we either look to 4 more years of this nightmare, or start putting Rick Scott's florida behind us.


  1. It's tempting to respond that this should be more of a problem for Republican voters anyway. After all, aren't they usually much more full of...well, you know... :)