Saturday, April 19, 2014

NICE!! Charlie Crist Drops the Mike On Rick Scott Lackey (video)

Charlie gave a speech at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches. He slammed Rick Scott, saying that besides pandering to the fringe and his cronies, Scott is notorious for hiding from the public and the press.

So what does Rick Scott do? Hides from the public and press. He sent his Lt. rebut Charlie. Bad move.

At this point I'll remind everyone that the Florida Lt. Gov job is the most useless job on the planet. You have no responsibilities whatsoever but to sit in a chair and take over if the governor dies. And Rick Scott's last one somehow even managed to screw that up.

The new LG, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, wasn't picked for his quick wit and certainly is not part of Rick Scott's inner circle--he was a pander pick for his last name. (And that just can't fix the Hispanic bigotry in Scott's campaign. Or the FL GOP for that matter.)

After Charlie's speech, reporters were hovering around the LG to ask about it. Carlos was talking much smack until Crist came up from behind to greet him. As he walked away, reporters were shouting questions on all the garbage Carlos was spewing and asked him to respond.


"He's just gonna get to debate the lieutenant governor candidate,'' Crist said. ``Give me Scott.''





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  1. The look on Lopez-Cantera's face after it was over is priceless. It's like someone socked him in the jaw with a ten gallon pitcher of unsugared lemondade.