Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let's Help the Ku Klux Klan Rebrand! Fun Slogan Contest!

CNN thinks they can rebrand--so let's do this.

If you've got something better, lemme know...

Twitter: #RebrandingKKKSlogan

1. We're Today's GOP

2. Delightfully Bigoted, Yet Unrefined

3. We Are Like Clive Bundy, But Pay Our Bills

4. Melanin Should Count for Something

5. Killed Less People Than Your Republican Governor

6. Because America Runs on Hatred

7. Still Less Bigoted than Fox News

8. We Do Racism Right!

9. At Least We're Not the Tea Party

More that were posted:

  • More hate, less lynching
  • We are still inbred racist pigs, but our sheets are whiter now
  • Yes, it DOES come in white!
  • At least we aren't home breeding
  • Come for the cross-burnings, stay for the hate
  • In cest we trust. Right sis?
  • If you liked us as a lynch mob, you'll love us as lobbyists!
  • Not your granddaddy's Grand Dragon

1 comment :


    We still hate you, we just wont' kill you
    It's Klantastic
    Hate is renewable... you should love us!
    Finishing the job that MLK started... although that's not what we intended... oh hell
    Ku Klive Klan: Bundy Boogaloo