Friday, August 20, 2010

Seminole School Board District 5: Dr. Tina Calderone

One day we'll get a decent Democrat on the board. But this is rightwing Seminole County. So for the Seminole School Board District 5, the choice is very clear:

Becky Erwin is a no-go. One thing Seminole does not need is more right-wingers. Her website doesn't show much experience, but there are several pages dedicated to her being the only "True Conservative". Great--anti-government teabaggers on the school board for PUBLIC schools.

Endorsements by wingnuts and something called the "Ronald Reagan Assemblies", along with pictures of far right conservatives like Marco Rubio don't inspire confidence.

There are already too many wingnuts in our school district pushing ideology to the detriment of our children. We don't need another.

Skip Becky for District 5.

In fact, DEFINTELY skip Jeanne Morris as well. She is the incumbent, and one of the ones who rolled over for the superintendent's diabolical plan to allow highly paid administrators to "double-dip" by collecting their obscene pensions along with their paychecks by "retiring" for 30 days. This kind of stuff makes me sick.

Anybody running against these two would probably automatically get my vote...but it so happens the third option is actually a qualified, good choice:

Orlando Sentinel:

We prefer Tina Calderone, a successful businesswoman with a doctorate in education. She proved her commitment to the county's public schools as director for five years of its fundraising foundation.

Ms. Calderone vows to put her business experience to work on the board and "leave no stone unturned" in looking for savings. She has some ideas worth exploring, including outside audits and energy-saving initiatives. She promises to ask tough questions.

They are all GOP, but Tina is qualified and the most sane.


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  2. Seminole Democrat7:29 PM, August 29, 2010

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  4. Last time I checked CITIZENS are part of "Public", therefore, have a right to vote and even serve.

  5. Becky Erwin is a teabagger. No way I'm voting for her!

    Tina switched parties because you can't win as a Dem in this school district. It is a wingnut district. I would rather have a moderate GOP who is a DEM at heart than a true wingnut teabagger that introduces crazy ideology in the curriculum.

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  7. Such nice language!

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  9. Tina Calderone is one of those people who are decent human beings only if they perceive it furthers their agenda. I've watched her in action when interacting with those she does not perceive to be valuable to her goals and this woman definitely has more than one face. She lacks integrity and has an inflated view of her abilities and intelligence. At best, she's a mediocre candidate and, at worse, she's not someone who can be trusted.