Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fox News Refuses to Acknowledge Ivy League Wunderkind is Black

Its been covered in every media outlet. A 17-year old high school senior has been accepted to every Ivy League school he applied--8 and counting. He scored in the 99th percentile on his SATs. He's wicked smart.

He is also a first generation African-American from Ghana.

Other outlets, such as HuffPo, or USAtoday, or abcnews or any number out there mentions his accomplishment but also says his family immigrated from Ghana, that he is African-American, and/or includes a picture of him.

Except Fox.

Their report took out any reference to where his family was from (except to say "Shirley, NY"). No reference to him being African-American, and the picture they used was of a Harvard building... even though all the other outlets found his profile, which is all over the internet.

They covered the story, I'm sure, to not be accused of failing to cover a very popular, positive story on a black kid, but at the same time, did what they could to hide the fact that he is black from their typical audience.

If you watch Faux news at all, you know they have a narrative about young, black African-Americans: They have a proclivity to violence and white people should fear them.

YOU CAN BET that if this kid had stabbed somebody, then they'd have no problem putting his mugshot on the front page with a scathing headline featuring his race. And then, as usual, bill o'reilly would be talking about the culture of what is wrong with THOSE people.

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