Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey Comedy Central, consider giving Aasif Mandvi a show to replace Colbert

I bring this up because if Aasif was white, non-Muslim, and didn't have an "odd" name, he'd be leading the pack because what he is is FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Not to mention witty, quick on his feet, and creative.

He was promoted to a regular correspondent on the Daily Show in 2007. If you are like me, you always perk up and smile when Jon introduces a segment with Aasif. You know its going to be really good.

The best segment I've ever seen on that program was his bit on third-word healthcare. The twist of that story, along with the 15 seconds of silence after he got the Fox business analyst to realize he insulted America, has got to rank as one of the best gotcha moments on TV.

Most of his stuff is pure gold. Americablog author John Aravosis, who also calls Aasif his favorite, rolled over laughing with his take on the Indian Miss America. I bust a gut at his fracking bit with the stupid free pizza. Even RedState featured his report on San Fran's ridiculous McDonald's Happy Meal ban.

I should have been furious at the North Carolina GOP executive's very racist rant about "lazy blacks", but Aasif played it perfectly and somehow made me laugh. (The guy was later forced to resign.)

I could go on, but the point is he is good. Damn good. His comic timing, quick wit under pressure, and his affable personality are all traits that would make him a comedic star to a broader audience.

If only Comedy Central would give him a shot.

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