Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Questions to Ask People Planning to Vote for Rick Scott

Pretty soon I'll be heading out online to buzz bomb some Florida county Republican Facebook pages, asking them to answer the questions below, which I've designed to get to the heart of the problems with Rick Scott.  But feel free to use them on anyone you know who might be convinced to either vote Democrat, or Libertarian, or at worst, stay home and not vote for Scott.


Rick Scott supporters, I have some questions for you.

1) Scott has made it a talking point of his campaign that he cut the auto tag fees raised by Charlie Crist (and the Legislature). In light of this I have two questions. First, why did Scott wait until 2014 to cut these fees? You see, his criticism of Crist makes no sense unless he thinks it was unnecessary for Crist to raise the fees. But if it was not necessary for Crist to raise the fees, then why didn’t Scott cut them in 2011, 2012, or 2013? It would have been no more necessary in those years than when Crist raised them. Second, the Legislature under Crist, which voted in the fee increases, is much the same body that serves there now, which is mostly Republican. So do you plan to vote out your legislator, too, if they were there to vote the fee increase in?

2) For some time, Rick Scott has been touting the lowering unemployment rate. However, he has refused to acknowledge questions when asked how much of that lowering rate is due to people leaving the workforce because they cannot find jobs. This month, when trying to explain why the unemployment rate went up (6.2 to 6.3%), Scott explained the increase by saying it was because more people were entering the workforce. My question is, why did he refuse to acknowledge workforce participation when the rate was going down, but acknowledge it as a factor when the rate is going up?

3) Scott has made it a talking point of his campaign that Crist “oversaw” a large jump in unemployment, bad economic performance, etc. and for this reason, we should not elect Crist. By this logic, why isn’t Rick Scott in jail because he “oversaw” what was the largest case of Medicare fraud in history?

4) Rick Scott has touted his sale of the state jets, and use of his own private jet for state business, as a cost saving measure. My question is, what does Scott expect the next governor (whether in 2015 or 2019) to do about a state jet? He obviously thinks one is needed for the state’s business, since he still uses his own. The new governor will have to buy a new jet, which will cost taxpayers more. Or will Scott be donating his personal jet to the next governor?

5) What does it say about Scott’s character that he has a personal friend managing his “blind” trust while he is governor – a trust that is supposed to prevent him from profiting off of his term as governor?

I would appreciate answers to these questions, as no one seems able to answer them. Thank you.

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