Saturday, April 12, 2014

Watch Florida Gov Rick Scott get video busted for his misleading Obamacare ads

H/t HoundDog

Janie Campbell describes Florida political ambush reporting at its finest in Watch Rick Scott Pretend He Hasn't Been Busted For Misleading Obamacare Ads. The Youtube video is below. Be sure to watch past the first 20 or so seconds, the section we're interested in is the second question.

This video shows local television reporters asking Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) about one of his election ads which falsely implies that 300,000 people in Florida have lost their health insurance because of Obamacae, he declares the ad is accurate.

Let's watch this beast in his native habitat:

"Clearly, the ad's accurate," Scott told reporters gathered outside a senior center in Miami on Wednesday.

"But it's not, governor!" insisted one reporter, who pointed out that the Blue Cross-run agency at the center of the claim had already debunked the numbers. A second reporter continued to question the assertion, which has been factchecked by newspapers across the state and discredited. Scott, however, remained unmoved before being "quickly ushered away by his media aide," according to CBS


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