Thursday, April 03, 2014

News Flash: Scott's Voter Purge Deemed Illegal!

Notice I said "news flash" and not "surprise." Not even I can be that ironic. See the story here

I'll have a new post soon about my experiences on Rick Scott's Facebook page. It's been cause for more than a few howlers. 

Added: I should also note that my list is up to 200.  This illegal purge added one, and there was also a juicy quote from Politifact that was too good to pass up:

197) Rick Scott has touted what is only average job growth.

Kwame Donaldson, an economist at Moody’s who analyzes Florida, said that the creation of 540,000 private-sector jobs in the 38 months since December 2010 is not a particularly exceptional rate of job creation.

"The most private-sector jobs created during any 38-month interval is 753,100 (during the 38-month interval that ended in August 2006)," Donaldson said in an email to PolitiFact Florida. "The current record is even less remarkable considering Florida’s larger current population."

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