Sunday, November 24, 2013

SNL: "NEVER Come to Florida!"

How bad is it to be a law enforcement officer in Florida under Rick Scott's regime?

Bad enough to be the opening sketch for SNL last night.

"With George Zimmerman the subject of yet another police investigation, many are wondering why he is not in jail. Here to explain is FL police chief Mike Davis. Mr Davis, how are you doing?"

"Well, I'm a police officer in Florida, so lemme see, NOT GOOD!!!"

Saturday Night Live did a hilarious cold open last night which mocked George Zimmerman and our hapless police in the face of conservative policies. Take a look:

(If the embed is not working, click here).

Florida has one of the most lax concealed gun laws in the nation ( Zimmerman most likely still has his concealed gun permit). We also have laws that force employers to allow their employees to bring guns to work on their private property, Docs vs. Glocks, and a blanket ban on all city and county gun ordinances.

Then there's our infamous Stand Your Ground law you may have heard about, which was based on the American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC) model law that, as written, allowed Zimmerman to pursue and murder an unarmed Travoyn Martin in the first place. The law bans police from arresting people who use deadly force in public unless there is probable cause that they did not act in response to a "perceived threat", which can be pretty much anything. Hell, Zimmerman could have even sued the Sanford PD for being arrested in the first place.

Throw on top of this Rick Scott's gutting of FL police forces, you have the makings of a national parody of our state that is funny to the rest of the nation but a living nightmare for those of us who have to live here.