Friday, May 02, 2014

Greer's World

It's sure to be a high time for some Rick Scott supporters soon, and not because he's supposedly about to sign a medical marijuana bill.

I'm talking about the upcoming "kiss and tell" book by former FL Republican Party chair Jim Greer (titled The Chairman), in which he supposedly will have a lot of dirt to shovel about Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio, and some other big names. It's being released this summer, just in time for Greer to do a book tour on the way out of his correctional hidey-hole.

A few Scott fanatics are slavering over this release, although they probably shouldn't. For one thing, Greer may also have a few things to say about their hero. For another -- how should I put this tactfully? Greer's not exactly what you'd call a forthright citizen. He's not wearing blue right now because it matches his necktie collection. There's a reason our prisons have those special doors on them.

It's tempting to point out that Scott fanatics would especially love Greer: After all, if they voted for a felon, they certainly would have no qualms about believing one. 

But is there really any promise of some earth shaking scandal being unmasked about Charlie Crist, thereby upsetting the apple cart of his governor's campaign? Book sellers usually try to put something juicy in the copy, and there's a bit of juice here from Amazon Books:

"Greer trusted Crist to protect him from the onslaught of the Tea Party wing of the party, only to watch as Crist stabbed him in the back and helped send him to prison in order to try to save his own political career."

This is more than a little fouled up. First of all, Greer is a grown adult man. He shouldn't have had to hide behind Crist or anyone else to be "protected" from the Tea Party. Second, Greer committed a crime; the evidence shows that, and he pled guilty, his excuses for doing so notwithstanding. How in the world is it being "stabbed in the back" for Crist to have not backed this? Is Greer so morally obtuse that he expected Crist or anyone else to save him by, say, lying under oath? Or by letting him off the hook for his crimes?  Or is he now going to have the temerity to claim that everyone else was guilty, and he got framed?

No doubt Greer will have a lot to say that's bad about a lot of his former team mates. But if Scott fanatics take him at his word, they'd probably better check their moral compass at the door with him.

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