Friday, September 28, 2007

Where's the Outrage? Rush calls Active Duty Soldiers "PHONY"

Senator Coryn of Texas was outraged that MoveOn "smeared" a General by calling him a name. (General Betray Us). When an alternate resolution was introduced that condemned the Swift Boat lie smearing John Kerry--and the GOP commercial showing triple-amputee Max Cleland morphing into Saddam and Osama---the good Senator explained that it was OK because they were running for political office.

Smearing war heroes are OK--as long as they decide to run for office. True Story.

OK Senator. Let's say I accept your typical flawed logic. Now explain why you aren't condemning Rush Limbaugh. On his radio show, he just called those soldiers who don't support the war "PHONY SOLDIERS".

Since the majority of soldiers DON'T support the current fiasco, Rush is calling the majority of our troops phony. And guess what--they aren't running for office.

Representative (and Senate candidate) Mark Udall is introducing a resolution this Monday to condemn Rush Limbaugh's obscene attack on "the integrity and patriotism" of those men and women serving honorably in Iraq.

If the GOP is serious that they don't stand for any smear attacks on our troops, then I will support this resolution in the strongest terms as they did the MoveOn resolution.

They won't, of course. All prominent Rs have appeared on Rush Limbaugh, including Bush and Cheney. They can't disassociate him the way the Dems can MoveOn.

Also, the GOP has voted against body armor, VA benefits, and even troop rest (the DAY before the voted to condemn a NY Times ad). They also are not above smearing active duty soldiers who aren't GOP--from war heroes like Cleland to Generals like Casey and Abizaid.

But still, I can't wait to see how they try to tap dance around this one.

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