Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why Did Harry Reid Allow Vote Condemning MoveOn??

Who the hell is running this CONGRESS? The Webb amendment to provide troop rest for our overextended military FAILED yesterday by a GOP filibuster.

So why the hell did Harry Reid allow a vote on the damn MoveOn AD??


A Senate GOP amendment to repudiate the ad passed Thursday 72-25 as Republicans tried to force Democrats to distance themselves, on the record, from the controversy.

Among Democratic presidential candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Sens. Chris Dodd of Connecticut voted against the resolution. Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware and Barack Obama of Illinois didn't vote.

Typical Republicans--it's not OK to tell the truth about a General carrying Bush's water, but it's PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE to attack war heroes:

From same article:

In a 51-46 vote, Democrats failed in a bid to condemn "personal attacks" on then-Democratic Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia in 2002 and Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 party presidential nominee. Sixty votes were needed to proceed.

The Democratic amendment about Cleland and Kerry also included language condemning the "unwarranted personal attack" on Petraeus

Let me get this straight. The GOP made fun of Kerry, although he didn't weasel out of service like Bush/Cheney and wound up actually saving a Green Beret's life. Max Cleland is a triple amputee who served honorably in Vietnam--but it was perfectly OK for Karl Rove to morph him into Osama Bin Laden during the Senate campaign because he dared to stand up to Bush. It's also OK to smear Generals Shinseki, Abazaid, and Casey as weak and terrorist supporters because they spoke their mind--but not Petraues.

MY anger today, however, is at the DC Senate Democrats. Particularly, Senate Majority Harry Reid.

As Kangro X pointed out on the post below, not one Democratic Senator forced the GOP to actually fillibuster the Webb amendment--end result: it's nowhere on the mainstream media (MSM).

An amendment that ACTUALLY supports the troops, stopped by the GOP--gone. Yesterday's news.

The MOVEON ad controversy, however, has new life thanks to the Democratic capitulation. Next Sunday, on MSM,we will have to hear how much the GOP really stands up and "supports the troops" because they boldly stood up to a newspaper ad by a left-wing group.

Once again, the GOP will get a FREE pass. They won't have to actually be seen defending their indefensible position of refusing an abysmal 1:1 ratio for rest. (Even the DoD's goal states 2:1!!)

Once again, they can pretend they care about the troops and are standing up for them against the "military-hating" Democrats--even though the Rethugs consistently spit in their face: (no body armor, shoddy medical care, cutting VA benefits,etc.)

What the hell was Harry Reid thinking?

Why didn't he demand the GOP go through with its threat and actually FILLIBUSTER rest for our troops?

Why couldn't he at least have had the kohanas to tell the GOP that if they weren't going to do anything meaningful, then they can't vote on a GODDAMNED newspaper ad--which was only designed to embarrass the Dem candidates?

Am I missing something here?

Try fighting for us for a change, Harry. Quit letting the MINORITY PARTY CALL ALL THE SHOTS!!!!! You are weak!!

If you agree with me, let him know: Click here. It's time we had a leader with some backbone.

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