Friday, June 26, 2015

Never Been More Proud To Be A Democrat

June 21-27: worst. week. ever (for conservatives)

1. ACA is the law of the land. Bitter irony for conservatives who hate poor people having insurance: you spent all that time, money and effort to defeat something that you have made untouchable by giving it TWO high court victories!

2. End of Sarah Palin and her idiot daughter. Sarah was FIRED from Fox we learned this week. Her condescending but promiscuous daughter, who raked in a quarter million giving abstinence speeches, got knocked up again by a different guy. That abstinence circuit is a great way to get laid, I guess.

3. Vaccines are finally mandatory in California.

4. The awful confederate flag and several monuments came down from official grounds all across the South.

5. Little thing called Marriage Equality. It is the law of the land in every county in every backwards state in the nation--including my home state of Florida.

take that Clarence Thomas!!

6. NEW! Thanks to activist Bree Newsome, for ONE morning at least, SC didn't have to wake up under the flag of slavery!! Well done, Bree! #FreeBree

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