Saturday, June 06, 2015

FL GOP kills Medicaid AND refuses to stop their $8 gold packages. HERE'S WHAT WE DO

The GOP teabagger-ruled Fl House refused a million people in florida the ability to get health insurance by killing the Medicaid expansion. They all complained about getting people dependent on "government handouts".

So in other words, they are saying don't be like them. They made NO change to their sweet, completely taxpayer-funded platinum-package that costs you and I $1 million per month!

The cost of this to the legislators, governor, cabinet and 17,589 select people in state government is a lousy $30 a month for a family, and $8 a month for an individual! It is the most generous in the US.

After the outrage, the House did agree to raise their cost to a whopping $180 a month per family and $50 for an individual. However, the governor, cabinet and those thousands of staff still got to keep the $8 dollar meal.

Unfortunately, the state average for joe schmo is not quite as good. He pays $1347.00 PER MONTH! And he at least is able to get a plan.

My own idiot state rep, R-Jason Brodeur, was offended that anyone would want to take away his benefits that we generously provide him. He works for it! Adding guns to college campuses and trying to make it a lot easier for adoption agencies to discriminate is apparently a lot of work.

I am calling out our Democratic party to do something USEFUL for a change in 2016. I am talking about an amendment to our state Constitution to force the governor, his staff, and the legislators and their staff to pay insurance rates to levels that match the national average until the gap is closed!

For those of you outside Florida, the state has no ballot initiative process. It has to be in the form of an amendment to our constitution.

IF anyone wants to help me get started, leave a message in the comments.

Dropping off petitions of thousands of people to these idiots has been a waste of both time and paper. Getting it on the ballot, however, will make it happen. WE do have a constitutional process and a populace that would embrace this, especially in 2016.

If you don't want to do all the staff, then just the legislature, governor, and cabinet.

Can we make this happen???


  1. Let's vote these despicable t-party puppets out.

  2. Expand Medicaid and put legislators on the plan. You can be sure the availability and quality of care would improve.

  3. I will gladly sign such a petition if the governor and legislators of Florida are required to get the lowest possible policy for double the price of everyone else until ALL Florida citizens are offered affordable healthcare, or, we all get single-payer.