Sunday, July 01, 2007

London Attacked: Non-election Year Terror Threat Level Remains Same

Yesterday, Scotland's Glasgow International Airport was attacked. This came a day after two cars filled with explosives were found in London. England raised its terror alert level to the highest level.

The terror threat level will not change here, however. It’s not an election year and no GOP member will get a boost. No, I can’t prove it. That’ s the thing--—you can’t. The facts are always kept secret. But here is what I can prove:

  1. This administration is not above putting partisan politics above national security. Valerie Plame, among other scandals, proves that point. No one in the administration gave a damn about any information, any leads, or any contacts that could have been compromised by exposing her cover to punish her husband for telling the truth. Same can be said of putting incompetent people in high, critical positions at Justice, Homeland Security, DoD, and FEMA, (to name just a few), because loyalty always trumps safety. Hell, this president would rather send thousands to their deaths moderating a futile civil war than admit a mistake---can you tell me that he would have a moral problem manipulating color levels?

  2. Past history. For the 2004 election season, we were literally barraged with warnings of terror attacks on the debates, the conventions, and the election itself. We were also treated to several alert level color changes. The alert level was raised over the 2003 Xmas season accompanied by the obligatory terrifying press conference.

John Kerry got a bump in the polls when he picked John Edwards as his veep. Two days later, the alert level was again raised. Then we had a successful Democratic Convention that also gave a bump to Mr. Kerry in the polls. Coincidentally, the terror level was raised just three days after. And in case anyone was too stupid to get the point, Dick Cheney spelled it out when he made the announcement that picking the wrong choice would mean we would be "hit again".

After the election, silence. The London bombing of 2005 was pretty much it for terror alert raises here. Not even these recent attacks have raised the color level.

I’m wondering if that would be the case if this was 2008. Just call me cynical.

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