Friday, December 26, 2014

Winner of 2014 MY Stupid State: Rick Scott Re-Election

Last year, the winner of the 2013 My Stupid State was No Changes to Stand Your Ground. I thought it would be tough to beat this year, but it wasn't.

FLORIDUH!! He didn't even fool you once, you knew he was a criminal. And then he got elected. He cut funding for everything and gave to his cronies, he ruthlessly cut disabled children's funding, locked up medically fragile children in adult nursing homes, and he abandoned his own rescue puppy.

Fool you once, shame on you. Fool you twice... what the fuck?

This proves Florida deserves the title of My Stupid State.

NOW that he is able to kick off the three liberal justices on the Supreme Court, he will have full control of our state. If you think his voter purges, suppression, kickbacks and kicking the middle class was bad before... just wait.

We had a unique opportunity because everyone could compare the records of Crist and Scott. If we couldn't win with a very popular and capable politician against the fatally flawed Monty Burns caricature, I don't know when we ever will. This is a state filled with Dems yet has the GOP in every statewide office (except for Bill). The GOP juggernaut is too big, and our FL Dems are too inept. I never realized how much until an activist and I had to hold our own rally/fundraiser for candidates which the FL Dems should have helped.

Charlie and the FL Dems made a critical error in trying to rehash the old Medicaid scandal in every ad. If FL didn't care then, they care less now. He NEVER said word one about the Medicaid district scheme where his cronies would rake in Billions. He NEVER brought up the Solantic scandal where they would drug test every state employee. He NEVER brought up that every bill Rick Scott supported hurt Latinos, including a AZ-style bill that exempted "Canadians and Western Europeans".

He never brought up the fracking scandal that Scott profited from. People in Scott's own neighborhood were protesting..... Charlie should have joined them! Charlie NEVER even mentioned in one appearance or one debate when Rick Scott used emergency powers to layoff people who helped disabled children. Not word one on Scott's largest contributor, DUKE, which Scott allowed to double everyone's energy bill. (And now that he's re-elected, sky's the limit).

Rick Scott did everything he could to keep good jobs out of this state. He killed rail, he refused to expand healthcare, and is keeping our standard of living way down. We did have job growth but that was due to Obama's policies that Rick successfully claimed credit for. The only good jobs that Rick created were for his cronies, several of them heading behind bars. We KNEW better, but as I say in my tagline, the biggest obstacle Florida has is voter apathy. Not even a criminal who used and abused Florida to increase his wealth to billionaire-status was enough to turn out voters. There is literally no one the FL GOP can run that doesn't have a great shot at the governor's mansion. My hope is that our idiot state party will learn from their mistakes: run a real progressive to appeal to the base for a change, and get things done through ballot initiatives and Constitutional amendments. Otherwise, we will be My Stupid State for many years to come.

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  1. Charlie unfortunately also didn't address Slick Rick's 3% "retirement" deduction from all FL teachers' paychecks that may or may not go toward their retirement. Had Charlie said he'd reduce that to 1%, every teacher in FL would have voted for him.