Thursday, October 02, 2014

"The Most Sexist Republican Ad of the Year"

The Crist campaign has given notice of this item, which TIME magazine designated with the phrase in the post title. 

The designation seems quite apt, but there's more that's even worse. And I don't just mean that it uses the usual twisted Scott talking points. If you check out the YouTube channel of the group that posted this, the College Republican National Committee, you'll find that they've made multiple versions of this, with just the names of the politicians switched. So you'll also find one for Scott Tea Party twins like Tom Corbett of PA, and Rick Snyder of MI, and so on.

So not only are they sexist, and not only do they present bad arguments for their candidate, they also can't even come up with an original ad for each candidate.

I have to ask, which college do these Republicans go to? Ringling Clown College?

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