Saturday, December 28, 2013

Put Our Website (or Any Website) on the HomeScreen of your Mobile Device!

You can do this for SemDem or any webpage you want on your Homescreen for any Apple or Android product.

It's actually pretty simple but I wanted to be as descriptive as I could. Video link included at the end if you need more visual.

APPLE Products:

  1. GO to the website you want on your homescreen
  2. Select the Arrow button . (This might also be a "plus" symbol on some browsers.)

  3. Select "Add to Homescreen"

Android Products:

  1. Go to website you want (like SemDem)

  2. Select the Options button
  3. Select "Bookmark/Add Bookmark" icon to save it as a bookmark
    (Depending on device, this might be under an option that says "MORE")

  4. Now that its saved as a bookmark, select the Bookmark icon on your homescreen.
    (If not on your homescreen, press your finger against any open area on your homescreen and select Shortcuts > Bookmark)

  5. Press your finger against the website under Bookmarks you want and presto!
    (It will either automatically put the shortcut on your homescreen, or give you an option that says "Add shortcut to Home")

Step by step short video if you need it. Let me know in the comments if you have difficulty.

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