Sunday, August 19, 2012

Winners: Anti-Romney bumper sticker slogans!! (Full List)

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Hattip Ismay and everyone who entered. This is something we do every election. The full list is below:

Some you have heard before, most you haven't. Most are original, others can be found on websites from other progressives.

These slogans can be made into bumper stickers, T-shirts, signs for rallies, tags for blogs or facebook, or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO...

If you actually want any of these slogans to be on an item, first Google the slogan to see if someone is already selling what you want. For original slogans, there are several places on the web you can make your own stuff: Places like,, or

Please let me know which ones you like, or give new ideas in the comments that I will update and display.


Together We Can Build A Medicare-Free Future!


Pharaoh was a Job Creator, so why did GOD side with a Community Organizer?

Mitt Romney thinks HIS tax history deserves more privacy than YOUR vagina.



Keep your Mitts off my college kid's Obamacare!

Hey Mitt, Show us your worth certificate!

GOP = Goodluck Old People

Romneys Tax cuts don't trickle down - they just float offshore

Romney: People like him don't care about people like you

Romney: That guy just gives me the Willards

F@ck the truth - Vote Romney/Ryan

Romney: I invented Obamacare before Obamacare was cool

A Danceyhorse in Every Car Elevator!

Mitt for Swiss Banker

Gekko/Galt 2012: Greed Is Good

Romney(R), brought to you by Wall Street

Romney: It's going to be his money soon anyway.

Romney/Ryan: Yes, We cOn.

Obama kills terrorists, Mitt kills jobs


Romney/Ryan: Hand Over Your Medicare!

Tax The Poor For Tax Cuts For The Rich - Vote GOP

Where are the tax returns?

Romney/Ryan=More Tax Breaks for Millionaires

Does Romney vote in the Caymans?

Romney: Kochsucker

Kill Medicare. Vote Mittens/Ryan.

The Buck Stops In Switzerland

Romney: No plan, No tax returns, No way!

ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 - Let 'you people' eat cake!
Photo ID Mitt's tax returns

Help Mitt pay less than 1% in taxes!  Romney 2012.

Restore aristocracy. Romney-Ryan

Strapping granny to the roof of the car

The country is like a car - If you want to go forward, put it in D. If you want to go backwards, put it in R(omney)

Outsource Romney
Prevent truth decay

Mitt got rich helping China spy on dissidents

Romneyhood steals from the middle class and gives to the rich

"I don't care about the very poor"-Mitt Romney

Romney/Bush: Same bad ideas, different spoiled rich kid

I'm from Wall Street and I'm here to help.

Hey Mitt: Corporations aren't people, and dogs aren't luggage!!
Ruh-roh. RomRy? No!

Romney: Doing you doggie style

Mitt: Another mega-millionaire who paid no taxes

We work and pay taxes so Mitt doesn't have to

Mitt's a Twit

Bin Laden is dead, Auto industry is alive

Romney: A guy with that much to hide ought to be invisible
Romney=Bush III
Romney stands for nothing

Guys like this don't help people like us

Believe in greed

Mitt doesn't just happen

If corporations are people, then the Mitt is a serial killer

DON'T make America Mitt's new dog!

Romney's Plan: WE pay higher taxes so HE can pay less

Made his money by outsourcing jobs and raiding pensions
No Medicare; No Pell Grants; but another Tax Cut for the Rich.

Vote Romney-Ryan 2012

Vote Romney: F**k GM

Why should we be taxed more so they can pay even less?

Austerity for you, more breaks for them. RR 2012

Romney-Ryan: Because things can get sooo much worse.

Return to the great days of "W": Vote R-money
Screw "you people". Vote Mitt.

Vote Mitt, because all scary brown people should be asked for their papers.

Tired of presidents with conviction? Vote Mitt.

Ayn Rand: Jesus was "weak" & caring for the poor "immoral". NOW do you understand these guys?

Romney/Ryan supports green policie$ -- for the 1%.


Romney: Putting the CON in eCONomy

Dogs for Obama - we ride inside

I'd rather Romney fail now than later! Vote Obama.

Social Security is an earned benefit NOT an entitlement!

Romney = Citizens United
Obama = United Citizens

Romney: Standing strong for/against everything

Vote for me or I'll cut your hair too.

If you think "illegals" are taking our jobs, then why do you support a "pioneer outsourcer" for president?

THEIR tax cuts are more important than YOUR grandmas

RR: We'll tell you our platform on 1/20/2013.
Heh heh.

Romney delivers Medicare to the Caymans

Restoring Royalty to America

We're buying the government. We'll buy you next.

RRx Couponcare

R & R for the 1% - Slavery for the rest

"I Got Mine" is not a national economic plan!

Bain and Pain

Hands Off My Obamacare!


Jesus said feed the poor and heal the sick, NOT bleed the poor to feed the rich!

Stop the GOP War on Voting!

Vote GOP: Because blocking EVERY jobs bill to stop our recovery is a winning strategy.

People who can't afford health care should die or go broke trying. Romney 2012.

Romney: Obama is the most "Dangerous" president in America.
U know who else thinks so? Al Qaeda!

Next year, when the IRS asks for your tax returns, just moon them and tell them you've shown them enough.

We PAID $70,000 for WHAT?!?!

China: We Love Romney's Job Creation Plan!

Romney's "job creation" plan

Romney: "Corporations are people"

Name me one GOP president who has cut spending or the deficit...

Lying Sack of Mitt

UPDATED: Some new ones from comments:

Romney Fired Your Dad

Romney: First Republic Steel, then the USA

Paul Ryan:  Romney's mudflap

The wealthy want us poor and powerless
Don't vote against our own self interest.

Yes we Cayman


Obamacare vs. Vouchercare

You pay taxes so we don't have to.

Romney/Ryan: Obey Your Superiors!

Romney/Ryan: The Power of Crass Commands You!

Mitt Romney '12: Berlusconi without the sex and alcohol!

Romney '12- Bully for America!


Mitt - I usually fake laugh right before I lie

Romney 2012: Because $200 Million Just Isn't Enough.

Romney and Ryan: Inhuman and Inhumane

RomneyHood: Straight Outta Cranbrook


Romney said he will cut the NEA: I guess ballet is only for horses

Romney: Because Scrooge Was a Rookie.

Run government like a Bain business: Cash out and drive it into bankruptcy

Fifty Shades of White

We whine harder

Mitt Romney has friends who own what you do

Memo to Paul Ryan: Ayn Rand or Jesus, pick one.

My way: No highway

No voting for you!

Mitt the Twit & Lyin' Ryan 2012


Romney/Ryan: Only you little people pay taxes


Romney/Ryan: Because Social Darwinism is Back in Style

MITT ROMNEY The more you know The less you like

Rmoney/Ryan Road To Ruin

Romney: The Great White Dope

Corporations Are My Friends, You People

Obama cares, Romney scares

UPDATED: Hey Girl slogans for the big eared sexpot Paul Ryan:

Hey girl, I hope you're middle class because I'm totally ready to screw you.
xo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, got birth control? Not for long.
xo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, choose me, lose choice.
xo Paul Ryan

Hey Girl You'll love my choices for your body
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey Girl, lets get rid of Social Security.
xo Paul Ryan

"Hey girl, you don't need Medicare for that hip replacement. You just need one of my hugs."
xo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, you look so cute when you're losing your reproductive rights.
xo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, you know what makes me swoon? Tax cuts for millionaires.
xo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, I know I'm only 42, but my ideas on women's rights are over 500 years old.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, I would have voted for the Fair Pay Act, but Lilly Ledbetter? I hardly know her!
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, don't let the personhood issue get you down. You still get to choose what to make for dinner tonight.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, I'm pro-life. But not necessarily yours.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, let's get rid of Medicare!
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, admit it, vouchers are sexy.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, I LOVE your body, I just don't trust you with it.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, let's get rid of granny so we can be alone.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey girl, you're pretty fine but fertilized eggs should have more rights than you.
xoxo Paul Ryan

Hey Girl, I'm the last choice you'll ever be allowed to make.
xoxo Paul Ryan

ONE LAST GIFT: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is an anagram for....



  1. Your site should sell the bumper stickers and make money for the Obama Campaign! I came to your site to see if I could buy some bumper stickers from you directly and support your sites campaign cause!! Food for thought?! I really enjoyed reading your list!!!! VERY CLEVER!!

    1. thanks... I just don't have the time. that's why I gave sites to make them. if you google the words and put "bumper sticker" at the end, you can normally find them.

      If this is a project you want to undertake, feel free!