Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Some Noise: FL GOP's Sneak Attack to Outlaw Abortion

Florida is one of only 10 states that includes an explicit right to privacy in its State Constitution. It gaurantees:

"the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person's private life."

Sounds like a post from one of your teabag friends on facebook, eh? In actuality, it was a Democratic legislature and Democratic governor that inserted that statement decades ago. That's right, that verbiage came from Democrats... not from an idiot dressed in a tricorne hat with teabags fighting against his own healthcare.

No, that idiot voted in right-wing legislators that are, in fact, DESPERATELY trying to get rid of that statement.

You see, the right to privacy is interpreted in our Federal Constitution, but Florida Democrats wisely enshrined it in our State Constitution. It gives our citizens the right to refuse medical care (which was key in the Terry Schiavo case); and ensures women are protected from government intrustion. Despite the super GOP majority and thier herculean efforts to limit abortion with dozens of bills, they have only been partially successful in limiting access because of our State Constitution and our impartial Supreme Court. (Which is also under attack by Rick Scott and his allies, but that's another post).

The problem, you see, is even if Romney is elected, and he replaces Ginsburg on the Supreme Court with a wingnut who joins 4 of the 5 (or 5 of the 5) conservatives in overturning Roe, Florida still CANNOT outlaw abortion because it enshrined the right to privacy. Furthermore, Florida voters have made it clear they do not want new restrictions on abortions.

So the Florida GOP does it always does. Lies to get what it wants.

This November, you will be treated to Amendment 6, which is entitled "Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions; Construction of Abortion Rights".

Read through the title again.

Notice anything about taking away your right to privacy? That's right, its not there. Just reading the title, which many voters do, it sounds all well and good.

Even those who bother to read through the text might not get its true intent. Here is the summary they will see this November. First part:

This proposed amendment provides that public funds may not be expended for any abortion or for health-benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion. This prohibition does not apply to an expenditure required by federal law, a case in which a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness that would place her in danger of death unless an abortion is performed, or a case of rape or incest.

This first part is pure and utter BULLSHIT. The amendment is written to seem like it is all about a prohibition on public funding for abortions, which is absurd because that is ALREADY ILLEGAL under state and federal law!

It is to disguise the true intent of the bill, which is vaguely included in the second part:

This proposed amendment provides that the State Constitution may not be interpreted to create broader rights to an abortion than those contained in the United States Constitution. With respect to abortion, this proposed amendment overrules court decisions which conclude that the right of privacy under Article I, Section 23 of the State Constitution is broader in scope than that of the United States Constitution.

It specifies the state constitution can't be interpreted to give more abortion rights, but what it actually does is STRIP AWAY THE STATE'S PRIVACY CLAUSE.

Of course, having an amendment that says "Deletion of your right to privacy granted by the state; with intent to end abortion rights" would not get the 60% required to amend the state's constitution.

The state GOP is counting on the plethora of other issues, including other evil amendments (like Amendment 8) along with the national election to overshadow attention given to the Trojan Horse that is Amendment 6.

Given the apathy of today's Florida voter, they are smart to attempt this. But I still have to try. Please educate your friends on what Amendment 6 is truly about. There already is a prohibition on public funds for abortion, but you are sacrificing your own right to privacy so the state legislature can intrude into your personal affairs.

Even a teabagger should shudder at that.

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