Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Who will win the Iowa Caucus?

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The latest polls show a dead heat (Statistical tie) between Hillary, Edwards, and Obama. Let's take a quick poll this Glorious New Year's Day...

Remember, this is who you THINK will win, not who you want to win.

Keep in mind that it's normally 100,000 people who vote in the Hawkeye Cauci, and it's important to note that supporters of any candidate who does not meet the 15% threshold will have to make a SECOND CHOICE.

Since no poll shows Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Kucinich, or Gravel anywhere close to 15%--their supporters will most likely have to make another choice between the top three.

If you can figure out the second choice for these supporters, I think you will have a good idea of who will win on Thursday.

The only thing I can promise is the winner will make the victory seem more important than it is, and the losers will do the opposite. I know--not much of a prediction.

OK--let's have some fun....

Click HERE for the poll.

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  1. It will be Edwards, but he won't win the nomination...