Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Vote Democratic?

Democrats believe in creating opportunity for all Americans, not just a select few. Democratic Presidents and Congresses initiated all past programs that strengthened our middle class and nation, including Social Security and Medicare, the GI Bill, low-interest loans for college, and Family and Medical Leave, to name just a few.

The Republican Party has shown itself dedicated to promoting the interests of big business and only wealthy Americans by:

  • increasing corporate handouts, such as with the Medicare prescription drug law that prevents the government from negotiating lower drug prices;
  • cutting taxes for the wealthiest five percent of Americans and slashing funding for veterans' benefits, police officers, and college loan and grant programs, while simultaneously creating a burgeoning deficit that threatens our long-term economic security; and
  • turning a blind eye to the one in five American children who (through no fault of their own) live in poverty.

The job approval ratings of President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress continue to decline as Americans realize the Republican Party has abandoned our cherished middle-class values.

The Democratic Party seeks for all Americans affordable, high-quality health care and education; high-paying jobs; and security in retirement that clearly represent the interests of the 95 percent of Americans who work to pay bills and provide for their families.

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