Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unbelievable--Even for Fox News

This started with a conversation I had with a GOP co-worker who only gets her news from FOX. Now, far be it from me to tell folks who vist this website that Fox News is (gasp!) not "fair and balanced". But this takes the cake.

Last Thursday, March 27, the top news of the day was the break of the cease fire and the extreme violence that occured in the Green Zone. (Inconsiderate insurgents---ruined Bush's and McSame's speeches today on how great the surge was working). But those who get their news from FOX didn't know anything about it. My co-worker was trying to convince me that the surge had worked and the violence had ended.

I said "don't you watch the NEWS???" She doesn't. She watches Fox.

So I went online in the evening to check out what I found. I went to legitimate news orgs. websites, and then I went to FOX. Unbelievable what I saw. Let me show you.

Here are the screen captures from two legitmate sources and one from FOX. As you can see by the dates and times, I took each one around 7:45 pm (give or take a few minutes) last Thursday:

CBS News:

(Headline on the "deadly Shiite clashes" and the curfew that had to be imposed. Picture was of Shiite insurgents.):


(Headline on embassy lockdown and the deadly fighting. Picture of massive plumes of smoke and helicopters around embassy.):

I didn't want to use up memory, but I can tell you that MSNBC, ABC News, and all other mainstream news featured this story on their front page.

And then there's FOX.

NOTHING on the attacks. NOTHING!! Nothing on the embassy lockdown. FOX readers only got to read the "important" news. At the same time as the screen captures for the legitimate news orgs, the big news on Fox was of Obama's former paster's retirement home:

(Headlines: Rev. Wright's Dream Home, Michelle Obama's comment REVISTED. Picture of home being built).

Some dream home, huh? Looks like a normal house--something not fit for the pets of Pat Robertson, John Hagee, or Falwell. FOX "News", desperate to keep this Rev. Wright controversy alive, allowed this and a rehashed story on Michelle Obama, as well as a story on the Clinton/Superdelegate fighting, to be the stories of the day. There was a small mention of the Iraqi meltdown, but I really had to look for it. (I even had to use their search engine).

It is beyond the pale to understand how anyone can look at this and argue that Fox has no agenda. This is just one instance, the movie "OUTFOXED" documents hundreds of them. But I'm angry that so many Democrats still treat Fox as a regular news outlet and agree to do interviews with the filth that works there.

PS- In fact, go to FoxNews RIGHT NOW. Go on, I'll be here. And then compare to Notice anything? That's right It's the same deal right now. (As of 6pm 3/30)

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