Friday, March 14, 2008

Re-Vote in FL only would have benefited Obama

Who would a re-vote have helped:

Not Hillary. She already had good will by saying she would not punish 3 million swing voters by the actions of their GOP-controlled state legislature. Polls show her winning FL handily.

Not McCain. He has the most to gain by Florida being disenfranchised.

Only Obama would have gained. He refused to campaign here, but agreed to take money from some big state donors. If the delegates are seated, we all could have moved forward. But he is in trouble here. And this is why it matters:

In order to win an election, you need two out of the big three swing states: Ohio, Florida, and/or Pennsylvania. Right now, Obama loses Pennsylvania and Florida. He was creamed in Ohio by Hillary, although the latest poll shows him barely holding on against McCain.

Obama is ahead right now because of his risky strategy to win traditionally red states, like North Dakota and Virginia (which hasn't voted Dem since Lyndon Johnson!!) If anyone can do it, Obama can. But it's going to be tough.

I think both are historic, strong candidates and will support whomever the nominee is. I can tolerate Obama losing in FL and MI because people think he's inexperienced or some other reason--what I can't tolerate is him losing the election because people here punished him because of this foolish delegate fiasco.

If it comes down to FL, as in 2000, I don't want to lose this to John McCain. I don't want to lose the Supreme Court for an entire generation, or be stuck in Iraq for, as he says, "10,000" years. What I really don't want to say is "I told you so".

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