Thursday, March 20, 2008

How We Can Lose 2008

From the Orlando Sentinel:

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could even consider [Barack Obama] presidential material at this early stage of his life and experience. God help us all.

Are some people so brainwashed that they forget that months after Hillary Clinton denied knowledge of their whereabouts, the Rose Law firm legal records that were the subject of a grand-jury investigation suddenly appeared in the WH living quarters?

When it suits you to twist facts.. I have a real problem with that. [Electing Obama] would be like electing another george bush.

...the polarizing nature of Clinton will drive uncommitted voters to vote for John McCain.

Back and forth. The people hitting aren't Republicans. They are all Democrats. I know this because I took them from letters touting their support for the "other" Democratic candidate. Yesterday was even worse--one Dem voter said that if her candidate didn't win, she would have an "honorable" choice in McCain.

That's the point. All of these are on the editorial page--bashing Clinton or bashing Obama. NO ONE attacks John McCain. He gets to play above the fray.

This is from one venue from a mid-size city, Orlando, Florida. But this is playing out everywhere. These editorials have nothing on the venom between Obama and Clinton supporters on Democratic blog sites.

Scroll down and count the front page stories examining our primary GOP rival on DKOS and MYDD. More telling--Look at the Recommended diaries! I have counted up to four anti-Hillary diaries at one time. Right now there is at least one. If you are a Hillary supporter, don't worry--the same ratio applies to MyDD for anti-Obama diaries. (Right now, in fact, ALL of the Recommended diaries on MyDD are anti-Obama!)

How many anti-John McCain diaries are there on these sites? Count them. None. NO ONE attacks John McCain. He gets to play above the fray.

So where does one go to see anti-McCain diatribes? Not the MSM, they are busy covering the slugfest between our candidates or between FL/MI swing voters and other Dems. Not the liberal blogs, they make the reddest GOP hate blogs blush with their venom for the "other" Dem candidate.

The conservative blogs, FAUXNEWS, the MSM, radio talk shows, the liberal blogs, and almost every other venue has this in common--bash the Democratic frontrunners.

NO ONE attacks John McCain. He gets to play above the fray.

Never mind that he said he wants to keep us in Iraq for "10,000 years" at a cost of $12 billion and 60 soldiers lives a month. Never mind that he will appoint a right-wing nutjob to the Supreme Court, making this branch of government a permanent arm of the GOP. Never mind losing our freedoms and privacy.

WE lost the first two Bush terms in 2000 and 2004 because of a bad election and fear-mongering respectively. This time, for the third Bush term, we will have no one to blame for losing 2008 but ourselves.

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