Friday, February 22, 2008

McCain: Janet Reno is Chelsea Clinton's Father

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because Janet Reno is her father.

That lovely joke was complements of Mr. Straight Talk himself at a 1998 Republican Senate fundraiser.

Insulting a child, insulting the first female Attorney General of the United States who was and is suffering from a horrible disease, and getting in a dig at Hillary and lesbianism all in just 12 words. Nice.

Of course, the mainstream "liberal" media that McCain is currently bashing has consistently refused to say anything about this story, and the few who have refused to print or say the joke. They just say he said a "vulgar" or "offensive" joke about the Clintons. Yes, that joke was too bad to print because it might offend someone--however, the detailed exploits of Bill's sexual escapades are fair game. Nice.

The current lobbying scandal is the story currently grabbing the headlines, but the fact that he has lobbyists working and making phone calls from his own "Straight Talk Express" amuses me more frightens me.

No, what frightens me is that McCain is a nasty, abusive, ill-tempered man who is not fit to serve as Commander in Chief. America can ill afford to have another brain-damaged individual serving in the highest office.


  1. If you are a female with any brain, would you vote for McCain who openly ridiculed his wife by calling her a CUNT. It really shows him how much he respects women. By making such a joke about someone's daughter really shows his character of being a non-statesman.

  2. The more I'm reading about this *man*, the more disgusted I am with his low-class behavior. And really, why should anyone be surprised? Just look at what he did to his first wife some three decades ago. There is a precedent and a pattern of ill-bred misconduct.

  3. It's terrifying that there are people, women included, who support this man's run for office. In what country would a person be able to get away with publicly humiliating a young woman, his own wife, and declaring a war on the rights women have spent so much time fighting for? Oh yeah... I see that now.

    This is the kind of low-class behaviour that should be turning people offof this man, not increasing his popularity. If he cannot control his mouth, how will he be able to retain control of an entire country?

  4. McCain has blatantly insulted the intelligence of women. He uses women as "trophies". Cindy McCain is the classic trophy wife. Now Sarah Palin (who we, nor J. McCain did not know until now, and would not recognize her without all that makeup and lipstick)is a trophy VP choice. I guess his 1st wife did not fill the trophy bill so he cheated on & dumped her. Now he uses an obvious, blatant and manipulative ploy to woo women to vote for him. Thus, I am not surprised at this sexist, cruel joke from him. If I had to wake up next to this dinosaur I would be addicted to pain killers too.

  5. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN "ALL OVER THE MEDIA" Can you imagine how that young girl felt? or how the Clintons' felt? Well, now Chelsea is a beautiful women..and mcCain is UGLY INSIDE as well as out!!!!
    Fran Munschauer

  6. Where does one find something decent to say about reno?