Thursday, March 20, 2008

At Least Crist's Dermatology Assistant Wasn't a Horse Judge

I know, he has great skin. But that's not what this is about: A lot of people are floating governor Crist as a name McCain may wish to consider for veep. McInsane may not know the difference between Al Qaeda and Iran, but even he should know what's wrong with this picture.

Let's play a game. Who is the most qualified to head up the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC), the most important job concerning our public employee's labor relations and union issues, (for which we are facing serious challenges right now), which requires a thorough understanding of labor law and unions.

Here are the candidates. Keep in mind they are all vying to replace an attorney who held this post for 33 years and has extensive experience in this area. GO pick one and see if you come up with the same decision as Crist:
1. Jonathan Oliff, attorney with an Bachelor's in business who specialized in labor law and employment law for the past 5 years. He graduated cum laude from FSU law school in 2001.

2. John Beeman, veteran law enforcement officer who is the current union head of the Fraternal Order of Police local. He has 20 years experience working with unions.

3. Sara Gonzalez, a young dermatology assistant who has an undergrad in biology and a master's in physician-assistant studies. She left the qualifications section of her application almost completely blank.

Before you vote, let me remind you that the Florida governor is a Republican. Also, although I'm sure Charlie will insist this was complete coincidence and played no part in his decision, I should mention that choice #3 is the wife of Crist's general counsel, Jason Gonzalez, (who already rakes in $130,000 a year).

Give up? Yeah, you knew where this was going.

With a straight face, Crist announced yesterday that Sara Gonzalez was the best choice. She had an "advanced degree" and besides, he likes having "new blood in the administration".

(That's the type of thinking that lets horse judges head major departments).

What do the current commissioners of PERC think. Charlie Kossuth:

You need to be acquainted with the law and be a lawyer. She will be completely lost.

It's not like she won't have help people. As head commissioner, she will have the ability to bring in additional highly-paid staff.

According to Charlie Kossuth, she is choosing a general counsel to help her. This individual will make even more than her salary, so the taxpayers will be footing over $200,000 for these two people.

And, according to Kossuth, this person she is considering also doesn't know anything about labor law.

I think it's great. In fact, I encourage all of you reading to contact the governor and thank him for his brave choice: Click here

Look on the bright side: at least she will be able to help Charlie with his perpetually tanned skin.

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