Thursday, March 06, 2008

Reasons why the Primary Democratic Fight is GREAT for our party!

The "liberal" media I keep hearing about, (which is overwhelmingly owned by conseravative corporations no less), is telling me that the Democratic Party is in real trouble. The RNC is apparently writing these talking points for them because the outlets I watch or read are very similar--except for Rush Limbaugh who just said that America would not vote for a woman and a black guy. (Great analysis, Rush).

Lucky for us, Rush is wrong. Survey USA just released polls in all 50 states of potential head to head matchups between John McCain and BOTH Hillary and Obama. The results: Both CANDIDATES cream McCain.

So how exactly is this a disaster?

The GOP factions, including the base of the party, can't stand John McCain. Even if they "hold their noses and vote for him", as expected, they will NOT be in full force like they were for their idiot messiah Mighty W. They will not knock on doors, they will not work phones, and they will not donate cash.

Cash--there's something else to talk about. Obama raised a record $55 MILLION for February! An all time high!!! He broke Kerry's previous record of $44 million, but as someone from DKOS correctly pointed out, that was after he cinched the nomination. Obama is still in a highly competitive race with another DEM. In other words, party supporters haven't even consolidated behind ONE candidate!! (Also, Obama raised more than 90% from donations of under 100 dollars!--NICE!). Hillary--not too shabby. $36 million.

McNasty? After Bush's mighty endorsement and after he has sealed the nomination---$12 mil. Yep, that's excitement.

Oh, and did I mention the record turnout for our primaries!?! In Virginia, for example, Obama received 619,000 votes--more than all of the GOP candidates COMBINED!! If that happens in a red state like Virginia, imagine the turnout in real swing states!

We have two great, historic candidates that Americans are excited about!! And this fight is great for us. Why?

1. They are staying in the news and will continue to stay in the news because the DEM competition is where the action is. The GOP race is over. McCain has to say nasty things to try to get anyone to pay attention to him.

2. The lengthy competition is also great because it is building the state parties GOTV mechanism in preparation for the general election. I am thrilled because Ohio and Pennsylvania play crucial roles, and the Hillary and Obama factions are building extensive networks and operations to win the primaries in those states--which will be ready to go come November!

3. Since the GOP does not know who will be our candidate, they don't know where to fight. In Survey USA, they both beat McCain, but they both BREAK OFF different swing states. For example, Hillary wins Florida handily, but Obama takes Virginia. This also has the added bonus of #4.

4. Both candidates are criss-crossing the nation hitting McCain. Ask anyone in a fight, 2 on 1 is tough. As long as Barack and Hillary can focus on themselves and McCain, and NOT bash each other, either one will be ready to claim the mantle and win victory in November.

SO we have our candidates getting all of the attention, building extensive operations in every state, each getting record fund-raising and record voter turnout (many who are voting for the first time!), and each criss-crossing the country taking swipes at a weakened McCain. Oh yeah, and both are kicking the crap out of him in head to head match-ups.

So, what's the disaster I've been hearing about??


  1. I think the disaster - or potential disaster lies with the way Hillary Clinton is campaigning. I have been shocked and disappointed at her seeming willingness to destroy the party to seize it's nomination. As a Barack Obama supporter I can tell you that many of us would hesitate to even vote for Clinton in the general election. Her behavior has been so indefensible that voting for her would only give legitamacy to a type of politics that has already so divided and damaged our nation.

  2. She really needs to cut that out.
    It's hurting her a lot.

    No doubt she hits hard--I think she's trying to show that she can battle the GOP smear that leveled our past candidates, like John Kerry. I was sooo disappointed in how he refused to hit back after the Swift Boats and ordered that no one go after Bush during the Dem convention. Clinton,however, has been attacked from day 1 and the GOP attackers can't seem to get anywhere.

    The fact that Hillary Clinton could win drives the people I hate absolutely insane with rage, and that alone gives me pleasure. Maybe they will see what it's like to live under a president they hate--(but competent at least).

    That being said I no longer back Hillary. I decided to wait to give my support and cash to whomever wins. Although Barack really should visit Florida and mend fences now that the primary fiasco is over. He could win here--and since he is currently losing PA it would be good for him to build up his support.

    I hope you reconsider your vote if Hillary wins. The fact is that we cannot afford a third Bush term and we cannot afford to lose the Judicial Branch to the right-wing for a GENERATION. Our SUPREME COURT alone is 5-4 conservative, and Stevens is almost 90 years old.

    One more justice and it's goodbye liberties, goodbye choice, hello unlimited presidential power.

    McCain also said he doesn't care if we are in Iraq for 100-10,000 years. He is a dangerous nut with PTSD who would further damage our nation.