Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain's Playing Defense in Florida

By the by, Mr. Elliot at electionprojection is projecting an Obama victory now in Florida: 3.2 percent. The polls definetly show favor for Obama:

09/30/08 Suffolk Obama 46% - McCain 42%
09/30/08 CNN Obama 51% - McCain 47%
09/30/08 Insider Advantage Obama 49% - McCain 46%

The Quinnipiac University surveys this weekend showed Obama leading McCain in Florida 51 percent to 43 percent. I like that a lot and Q is one of the better polls, but I'm not that optimistic.

Still, it's nice to see McCain playing defense in a state I thought he'd win easily. Remember when we thought all hope was lost a year ago because of the delegate debacle?

Apparently no one in this state does either.

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