Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Florida Independence Party

Imagine me as governor of Florida, and now imagine that I was running for veep. Imagine that my spouse was a member of a party that wondered why we are still connected to our American oppressors. Imagine the founder of this organization screaming that the swamps of the everglades could not quelch the hatred for the American government--and that he would not be buried under America's "damn" flag, but only under the honorable mouse ears.

And imagine me attending their conventions, and giving videotaped messages of support.

Would that give you pause? Perhaps not. Afterall, Florida gives me valuable foreign policy experience since Castro rears his ugly head and if he attacks, he'll come right up through our air space. I also border Alabama, which is a more foreign nation than Canada.

I would certainly have experience with the housing collapse--I would challenge any governor to say they had a more screwed up mortgage crisis than right here.

The thing of it is, with our hurricanes and election problems that allowed Bush to begin with, would the rest of America care if we split?

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