Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain Bumper Sticker...Notice Anything?

I snapped this picture on a red pickup truck in Sanford, Florida. It was the only sticker on the car.

Notice anything?

Like... No mention of the top of the ticket?

It's nice to be a Democrat for a change. I have Obama stickers all over my car--I couldn't imagine having only one that says Joe Biden for Vice President. But then again, I'm proud of my candidate for president, unlike this guy.

Let's face it. This guy picked this sticker over the more common ones that feature McCain because he must ashamed or disappointed in his candidate for president.

And that's one thing I guess we agree on.

PS--thanks to distraught from DKOS for pointing out this gem on This is Sarah Palin signing a sign that says PALIN 2012.

The fact that the supporter used "2012" is the clearest indication that their supporters know the McCain campaign is lost. But you would think she'd play the game until after next week...


  1. Sarah knows what we know, it's over.

  2. Nothing left for it but to GOTV.

    Tune in, turn on, turn out.