Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great News and Bad Mistakes

Miami Herald poll shows a six point lead here in battleground Florida: 49% to 42%.

Boosting Obama: independent voters, who back him over McCain by a 57-22 percent margin -- a 38 point shift toward the Democrat since the last poll in September

McCain is finally realizing the stupidity of his Pennsylvannia strategy, and is dumping all his money in Virginia and here in Florida. It won't matter. made a list of the 7 worst mistakes of pundits made just this year:

  1. Sarah Palin was a brilliant pick as McCain's running mate.
  2. Choosing Steve Schmidt to run McCain's campaign was a stroke of genius.
  3. Gas prices on election day will determine who wins.
  4. Obama should have taken public financing.
  5. Obama was guilty of hubris for contesting North Carolina and other red states.
  6. Obama will hurt Democrats downticket.
  7. The Democratic Hillary supporters will destroy Obama

I'm not guilty on any of those, but you can add the mistake many made, including me, that voters would punish the Democratic candidate for spurning us during primary season. Turns out there were bigger issues--who would have thunk it?

I was correct, however, when I said ALL our delegates would be seated.

I am hoping that soon after the election, the RNC and the DNC can work together for a fair primary season. I am also hoping for world peace and that my 401k will suddenly reverse itself so much that I could afford a Palin shopping spree.

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