Saturday, October 04, 2008

Goin' Negative: How Dumb Does McCain Think We Are?

Ms. Deer in the Headlight decided to give a preview of the debate Tuesday night. When you can't win on ANY issue, nor can you articulate ANY reason you want to be president--do what Rovian GOPers do. Resort to fear and smear.

Pathetic Palin decided to attack Obama and say that he "pals" around with terrorists. This type of attack is expected from a right-wing nutball blogger, not someone seeking the second highest office in the land.

For all that W has screwed up, at least he didn't actually join the false attacks the Swift-Boaters were lobbing against John Kerry. Even W understood that engaging in a false smear isn't presidential. You leave that to surrogates. In a twist of irony, the very surrogates that smeared John McCain's family are now in charge of the final desperate and erratic strategy aimed to destroy the character of Barack Obama.

How sad. How pathetic. The man who has spend over 20 years building and restoring his honor after the Keating 5 debacle is willing to throw it out in their final of a series of hail mary passes that has defined his campaign.

Not only is it despicable, it won't work.

It hasn't before, it won't now. Why?

Because the vast majority of Americans are smarter than the small-minded right-wing nutters who think this is brilliant. If they could get past their hate and emotion against Barack Obama, they would see it clearly.

The man has devoted his life to public service. He turned down big paying jobs to fight for the rights of the poor and middle-class. He has amassed a vast record in helping average Americans in a short amount of time over others who have spent decades in politics--like John McCain. And the honorable Senator Obama is now seeking the highest office in the land, at considerable expense (personal and financial), because he wants to bring the change our country desperately needs.

And they honestly think people will believe that a man who has brought so much hope to so many Americans---somehow, actually, really hates America?

Do the GOPers behind this strategy really expect us to believe that once Obama is sworn in as president that he will say "SUCKERS!! I hate America!! I now turn everything over to my pals the terrorists! ALLALALALALALA"

Seriously--what the living hell are they thinking? We have people literally dying because they lost their healthcare, thousands dead in Iraq with no exit strategy in sight, people losing thier homes, their jobs, and under Bush/McCain, their VERY FREEDOMS!! (Talk about hating America.)

Anyone who buys this stupid, rehashed crap was never going to vote Obama regardless. This strategy will only appeal to the nutjobs. But I am angry because I honestly thought that finally, we would get a presidential race that we deserved. A race that focused on the issues and that either man, regardless of the outcome, would be able to finally change the tone of these races and the victor would usher in a new era of bi-partisanship: and the other would at least be able to hold his head up high for running an honorable race.

Apparently, that will now only be possible with one candidate in this race.

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