Monday, October 27, 2008

The Seminole Democrat Endorsements!

President/Vice President: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Congressional District 7: Faye Armitage
Congressional District 24: Suzanne Kosmas

State Senate District 9: Darius Davis
State Senate District 24: Kendall Moore

State Representative District 33: Robert Acosta

Seminole Soil & Water Board: Steve Barnes

Seminole School Board: Barry Gainer

Vote YES on Amendment 1 and Amendment 6.

Amendment 1 states immigrants can't own land--it was put on the books almost a century ago and is completely ignored anyway, but it can't be removed without another amendment. This would remove pure prejudice in the state constitution. Vote YES on this.

Amendment 6 allows marina owners to have their property assessed based on what they actually are, not at the optimum rate they could be if they were condos. The reason I am for this is that it helps slow development of box condos on our shorelines. The developers love that marinas are being taxed so high because a lot of them are going under--which means the land developers can swoop in and plant yet another unnecessary condo. Just what we need. Vote YES on this.

All the other amendments range from being misguided, not worth the investment, or outright wrong. Vote NO.

I encourage you to do your own research on the amendments. The Sentinel breaks down the pros and cons of each: Click Here

I do not make endorsements for individual cities within Seminole. I STRONGLY urge you to visit the Seminole County Elections Supervisor Site:

This site will tell you who is running, link to their websites, give you a sample ballot, tell you where to vote early, what you need, etc. etc. etc.

Be an informed voter. The local elections have a big impact on your life, but normally people don't even bother to see who's running. Don't make that mistake.

Happy Voting!

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