Wednesday, October 08, 2008

McCain Palin Supporters

The ignorance of these rallies is frightening. I wish I could say things are better here in Florida, but the fact is the Palin rally in Clearwater almost turned violent. The crowd started threatening the media and even picked on an African-American working for the crew for one of the networks. Hate speech can incite violence--and its a sad commentary that that is what the McCain-Palin campaign has deteriortated into: hate speech. No wonder people at these rallies shout "Kill Him" and call Obama a terrorist.

So much Mr. "Maverick" for raising the bar:


  1. I was at the rally there--I live near Lakeridge.

    These people are hicks.

  2. The video, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. The one lady is obviously playing it up for the camera, but not realizing that she’s all along making the interviewer’s point. And the bloodline and name comments are disturbing, but again, not really surprising. Fear can be a powerful thing, and when you can use it a political weapon, you can accomplish much. Look at Hitler.

  3. good blog! thanks!