Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who should the Seminole Republican vote for?

I, along with many Florida Democrats, switched parties to vote in the GOP primary Jan. 29 so our votes would count--since the GOP only took half their delegates, but the DNC took all of them. I plan on switching back after the primary. (Although I may hold on to this affiliation through November, just to make sure my vote counts.)

I would love to rant about being bombarded with GOP commercials and GOP candidate visits, while the Dem candidates storm across the most GOP state in the union. I would love to rant about the DNC saying the candidates refusing to talk to swing voters in an important state is all about principle, but in the same breath saying they ARE allowed to take as much campaign money as they want from the state. But that's not what this is about.

I realized something very important. Who the hell am I and other Dem voters who registered GOP going to vote for?

If I were in Michigan, I would vote for Romney to keep him in the race like Kos suggested. Simple. Let him spend his fortune bashing the GOP frontrunner.

In South Carolina, I would vote for Fred Thompson. He is going after Huckabee with a vengence. I think it would be wonderful to keep him in the race to split the evangelical vote for as long as possible.

But here in Florida, I'm torn. If Romney wins MI, and Fred wins SC, I would be tempted to vote Guiliani. That way, you have a 5-tier race. Of course, since Guiliani has pinned ALL of his hopes on Florida--and I REALLY am terrified of a Guiliani presidency--this could be a chance to shoot that SOB down once and for all.

Some are voting for Huckabee because they assume he will be the most easily defeated in the General. He is in over his head, and he is nowhere in states without a lot of Bible thumpers. But I think he is too affable and too dangerous. He is probably the only one that would make me pine for Guiliani, so I can't risk him winning. Any of the GOP players will make it close, and although I think Obama or Hillary will trounce him--I can't risk it.

Of course, if I don't play the "weakest link" game, I would just go with the only GOPer who's tolerable. For me, that would be McCain. At least he has a history of some bipartisanship, and he doesn't pander. Sure, he's an idiot he declared Baghdad safe with 1,000 bodyguards. Sure, he kissed Bush's ass after his team push-polled him about having a "black daughter". Come to think of it, I can't vote for his sorry ass either.

Ron Paul? He's just a nut. A racist lunatic who I can't bring myself to vote for.

Maybe I'll just write-in John Edwards or another Dem.


  1. If Florida allows write in ballots support Tancredo.

    go bipartisan...Tancredo/Sharpton 08!

  2. Write in ZOMBIE REAGAN

    that'll get your vote counted and maybe even get you door prizes :)

  3. Ron Paul--that would drive them nuts

  4. I voted for John Edwards today as a proud Florida Democrat! I wish our delegates counted, but it still felt good!

    -Susan in Altamonte Springs

  5. I will probably write-in Hillary Clinton since she is going to campaign in Miami. Smart girl--like she wants to be prez or something.

    Edwards is my second choice. Somehow, I dont' think they will win the GOP nomination though.

  6. I'm surprised "None of the above" isn't leading the GOP polls at this point. What a bunch of losers. Oh, no offense Seminole Republican... I don't mean to disparage your new party.


    -susan in A.S.

  7. I don't know who to vote for either. I am registered Republican, but my views have changed drastically since registering (back in high school). Stumped. I'd like to vote for Edwards...are write-in's allowed?