Friday, June 11, 2010

Governor Crist VETOES Forced Rape Bill

Finally, some sense from this guy.

As I already explained in an earlier post, and in seeing the responses from those who have had it, it is rape. Pure and simple. The bill would have FORCED a woman to be violated with an object, against her will, in order to get a legal medical procedure. It is not just harrassment, it was rape to intimidate. Period.

On top of that, the woman would have been subjected to a demeaning lecture, and, to top it off, she would be forced to PAY for it! How governmentally intrusive can you POSSIBLY be!!

Now that Crist vetoed this insanity, he may be eligible for my vote. I still support Kendrick Meek hands down, but if his poll numbers do not improve, I will pull the lever for Crist. No more wingnuts.........

PS..STRONGLY support Alex Sink for governor! If McCollum or Medicare fraudster Scott become our governor next November, this horrible bill will rear its ugly head again.

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